Astrology Hub's Podcast Horoscope for the Week February 25th – March 3rd

Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week:  Integration ~ this is the period before the New Moon next week and its new beginnings.

It's easy to get caught in judgment, but when you recognize everyone is doing their best, everyone has their piece of divinity they’re exploring, it's a lot easier to hold space for all possibilities. – Donna Woodwell

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Week of February 25th – March 3rd Horoscope

You plant seeds with New Moon’s, but what should you do the week before ~ during the darkest part of the Moon cycle? Reflect—give? Face an ending to make way for a beginning? Forgive? Or should you rock to your unique rhythm as you demolish your to-do list?

Could be a few hard choices in this very integrative week…

Tune in to find out which or when to expect any of the above along with Donna & Amanda’s top tips for navigating the cosmic energy

Advice from Amanda & Donna

There's beauty in that process of breaking down. There's beauty in that process of feeling so much emotion and we're always put back together differently. On the other side of it, you're more capable of feeling more capable of loving, more capable of experiencing compassion for other people. If you're there, there's beauty in the breakdown and breakdown breakthrough.

– Amanda Pua Walsh

Sometimes you need a breakdown to come to that stage of a breakthrough. If you're willing to say things differently. I always remember reading this article that was in the elephant journal on one of the Hindu goddesses is on Keel, on dish Vari. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly and she's loosely translated in the article is the goddess of never not broken. She rides around in a crocodile and she represents the fact that there is a part of us that recognizes it's always broken in order to find that moment of transcendence. I always liked that idea of the woman on the crocodile in the mud of the river finding a way to make it through because that's where the fertile soil that that blooms, the lotuses are found and then even in these darkest moments, we are really charting our course to something beautiful.

– Donna Woodwell


Key Astrology Dates from Inner Guide

IC Graphics 2 Fb Kajabi

*IC Cosmic Update 2.27*  Sun reaches max 7-vibe resonance with Sat and Ura while Moon and Jup are also aligned with these 3 planets in 7-vibe @ 5:35 AM PT.

Something new is born. In symbolic language we can say that this is a time to place gold, myrrh and incense at the altar of rebirth. The butterfly emerges. The birth may not be easy and a mother can be in pain when giving birth but this is the time we have worked all month for. You should feel it within one day of this moment. -David Cochrane

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  1. Kim on February 28, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    I love what you are doing by making the Astrology in our lives a way of learning about Us! How important knowing about oneself is and expanding on what is learned. This is what I am learning from Astrology Hub. When I can I will take become a member and will take advantage of your courses. For now I listen to everything you offer and integrate it into my personal chart. Cheers to the Hub.

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