Astrology Hub’s Horoscope for the Week February 11th -17th

Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: Open Hands

“The overall energy is very changeable and fluid, so some things may be passing away and if you’re grasping at them, if you’re trying to be attached or your expectations are fixed, then you may be left with nothing more than a fistful of ashes…”  – Donna Woodwell 

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Week of February 11th -17th Horoscope

Are you looking for Cupid this week? He and his arrows may be amiss…

At the threshold of endings and beginnings, we equally hold grief and excitement. In this storm of transition, it is hard to listen. But listening, and as Donna advises, ‘holding with open hands,’ will be an essential tool to utilize during the shifting tides of this week ahead.

Tune in to know the best times to take the space to find your center, use the intensity for good, and most of all when to expect messages coming from within and without.  

Advice from Amanda & Donna

Make space for yourself and remember that things will move and change once again, as always. One of the many gifts of astrology is to help us have an Eagle’s eye perspective and remember that as the passing clouds, things will come and things will go. The energy is always shifting–even in times where it’s like it’s never going to end. It will.

– Amanda Pua Walsh

This three-way tug of war is what astrologers call a mutable t squarea three-way conversation. It might feel like no one is being heard. As you can imagine, that vibe might be a little complicated on Valentine’s Day. But if you can remain flexible and go with the flow and not get caught up in your own expectations, things might work themselves out quite well. Plus when you have all this mutable energy going on, curiosity is usually your ally. So perhaps focus on asking questions and listening to the responses.

Donna Woodwell


Key Astrology Dates from Inner Guide

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*IC Cosmic Update 2.12* Mar & Sat in 7-vibe w/ Ura in orb @ 6:48 PM PT

People are motivated to push hard to achieve goals. Stay with it, avoid arguments, and focus on solutions rather than defending one’s position. Persistence furthers. -David Cochrane

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