Astrology Hub's Horoscope for the Week January 21st – January 28th

Major Theme for the Week: A week of integration time in recovery…

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Week Ahead Horoscope

“You can’t have a tug of war if you both drop the rope.” – Donna Woodwell

After last week, many of us are looking for a break from the internal/ external tug of war. Monday, if you crash into friction ‘dropping the rope’ may be the best plan. Tuesday, Jupiter & Venus offer a powerful manifesting vibe that you do NOT want to miss! Mercury joins the party the following day, so listen close. Mars is ready to make use of the idea and jump into action as the weekend arrives.

In the wake of the eclipse portal, there are choices & steps to be taken to heal and grow. Tune in to hear Donna & Amanda’s practical advice on how to navigate toward unveiling the best version of you!

Advice from Amanda & Donna

With these moments of growth, remember that part of being able to embrace new moments is taking the time to honor what you're letting go of because you have to let go of something in order to make space for something new.

Donna Woodwell

I would mark your calendar to pay attention to any dreams that you might have on Wednesday night. It might be Mercury whispering in your ear to give you some perspective, or some concept of what all this eclipse energy has meant for you in a way that you haven't thought. Which is actually pretty impressive to happen so fast after the eclipse usually it takes us time to integrate big things in our life. 

Donna Woodwell

Nature acknowledges the importance of those integration times and gives it to us with those void of course Moon periods.  Take advantage of that opportunity.

Amanda Pua Walsh

I'm really working on greater levels of discernment. What I've found is that being clear on my plan being clear on what I want to accomplish, what I want to experience really helps me say no to the things that aren't aligned with the with whatever those goals or desired outcomes are. 

Amanda Pua Walsh


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*IC Cosmic Update 1.22 * Sagittarius Venus at 16 conjuct Jupiter @7:25 am ET

Time to consciously pray for the manifestation of your desire. Let this positive cosmic connection support your healing & optimism. Put your focus on what you want to create.  -Jennifer Racioppi

Where do you feel the most optimistic right now?

Timestamps for segments:

  • Main themes of the week: A week of integration time in recovery…
  • Weekdays: 3:44
  • Weekend: 15:49
  • 3 Takeaways: 25:25

HOSTS: Amanda ‘Pua Walsh and Donna Woodwell

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