Ep 49 – [2020 Prep Series] How to Shift Your Energy for the Astrology Ahead: An Interview with Astrologer, Linda Byrd

“It’s a time where we depend on each other and take responsibility for how we fit into the big picture of things…how we need to stand up for each other.” Linda Byrd

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Astrology Hub is proud to announce that Linda Byrd will be one of our featured Inner Circle Astrologers in 2020 and our guest on today’s podcast.

Today Linda introduces the topic of Stargate, something she works with extensively. She also speaks to the importance of maintaining a high-level vibration and moving away from fear as we approach the intense astrology of next year.

Get ready to write down tangible ideas that you can use during the last few weeks of this year to help take advantage of the rare opportunity that 2020 has in store for all of us. We hope you enjoy her gentle wisdom.


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