A Conversation with Astrologer, Anne Ortelee

This edition discusses the energies coming our way, how you can work with it, and how long we can expect the intensity to last.

They cover:

  • The energies and invitation from an astrological perspective.
  • The collective rebirth we are experiencing now.
  • The impact this will have on younger generations today and in the years to come.
  • How you can work with the stages of grief as you welcome in a new life filled with expansive purpose.

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  1. Aida-Elena on June 22, 2021 at 9:15 am

    Dear all,
    I just wanted to leave a feedback as I LOVE Astrologyhub! I have been following Amanda and Anne on the weekly forecast series since May last year and addicted to it! Now that there is Astrology in your pocket available for EU residents I am even more happy – Having Astrology every day, first thing in the morning makes my day! I can’t express how much I love it and I am so grateful for it! Also, they are both hilarious, full of entertainment!I will definitely start to learn more about the technical aspects of astrology soon. Thank you so much for sharing all of this knowledge!

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