Year of the Wood Dragon

“The Year of the Dragon is a real summons for each of us to look beyond the confines and limits, to think very big…” – Mark Borax, Author, Inner Circle Astrologer


John Lennon was born in the Year of the Dragon…

And when the Beatles were given an opportunity to be the first people to broadcast a worldwide message, carried via satellite for the first time ever in 1967…

They chose to share the song, “All You Need is Love.”

In John Lennon's big opportunity with a microphone that would reach the entire globe for the first time in history, LOVE is the message he and the band wanted to share.

In a recent Astrology Hub Podcast episode Astrologer and Author, Mark Borax, noted that this is a perfect example of what the Year of the Dragon is inviting in us all.

The dragon is the only animal in the Chinese Zodiac Pantheon that “dwells beyond the realm that we know…”

So it summons us not to be content with life the way it is or the way it has been. But to be reaching, pushing, and striving for something that may not seem like it's in the realm of possibility.

This week’s New Moon in Aquarius (February 9/10), marks the New Year for many countries who use the 2nd New Moon after the Solstice to mark their New Year…

Including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

We have a special fondness for aligning life with the natural rhythm of the the Lunar Cycle here at Astrology Hub, so it's beautiful to celebrate with these cultures who've kept the moon's cycle front and center for thousands of years!

And this New Moon begins the Year of the Wood Dragon… which will be particularly significant for anyone born in these years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2024.

In an epsiode we just released yesterday, the masterful Christopher Renstrom weaves together another brilliant podcast filled with history, mythology, storytelling and his own wonderful wisdom to bring you up to speed on the origins of the Chinese Zodiac, its similarities and differences to Western Astrology, which planet its cycle is based on and so much more.

In addition to our Year of the Dragon friends, Christopher also notes the other signs that will benefit from this benevolent new cycle.

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Both Mark and Christopher emphasize the dragon’s mystical symbolism and invitation to go beyond the confines of this world…

To reach high with our vision and extend our reach.

Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

And throughout the year ahead, you can consider…

When given the literal or metaphorical microphone…

What is the message that you'd like to send to the world?

As Mark noted…

“When you’re the animal that can fly higher and farther than all the other animals, it takes a special conviction to believe that this possibly crazy, idealistic idea that you have, actually might be worth saying, might be worth believing in, even if nobody has said it before.” – Mark Borax, The Astrology Hub Podcast

Have a wonderful week, a beautiful New Moon… and a celebratory beginning of this Lunar New Year! 🐉

With love,


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