Stumbling now = confidence later!

Remember how I said a few weeks ago that Andrea Michelle named February an “awkward” month because of all of the fresh Pluto and Aquarius energies we’re navigating?

We’ll… I gotta say, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to practice this theme already. Are you experiencing this, too?

If you haven’t yet, it’s ok, I’ve got you covered! I’ve definitely racked up some serious awkward points in the last few days…

The best was when I gushed over a woman at the Conscious Life Expo, about how much I loved her presentation…

As I went on and on about how brilliant the nuances of what she shared were, I watched her get uncomfortable and fidgety… until finally, her friend who was standing there too, informed me that I had mistaken her with another presenter. UGH. Awkward! 😔

Or when my Diva Cup spilled out of my bag and onto the floor at lunch… whoah… SUPER awkward! 😟

And when I stood in front of an audience and presented in person for the first time in 16 years… it felt awkward at times, and I probably relied on my notes too much…

But in all of those situations, I had the opportunity to feel the heat of embarrassment and self-doubt flood my body, experience the “gremlin thoughts” that came in to berate me for being so inelegant and clumsy…

And then after that… find the humor. The sweetness. The innocence. 

In all of those situations I was making an effort to connect, reach out, offer a part of myself… and although it wasn’t always pretty, it was real!

While flying home and replaying the weekend in my mind, I had the realization that we’re able to avoid SO MANY uncomfortable situations when we hold back and avoid putting ourselves out there…

While sitting behind our computer or phone screens, isolated away from community and “real life” experiences, we get comfortable hiding ourselves.

But the truth is, if we’re going to create new, more intimate levels of community as we progress into the Aquarian Age…

If the invitation is to embrace our “humanness” and individuality on a deeper level and contribute what is uniquely ours for the good of the whole, it's so important to take those risks, even if it's a little messy at first!

Then, we can learn to love ourselves and each other EVEN MORE through the awkward moments… have a few laughs and continue growing while we do it.

And these next two weeks are all about putting yourself out there…

Make the phone call. Share your idea. Ask for help. Tell the person how you feel. It may or may not turn out the way you envision…

But no matter what happens, you can feel good that you showed up!

Dare yourself. Grow while you do it. And as our Inner Circle Guide, Clarissa Dolphin says, “just do the dang thing!”

Stumbling and feeling self-conscious now, will enable more confidence later.

So remember…

The astrology is huge this month, and there will be a lot of growth points…

BUT the truth is…we're all in the same boat!

I’m so grateful for this community and that we can navigate this cosmic dance together, creating a world that celebrates all our unique talents and contributions.

In celebration of awkward sweetness ✨,


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