February Forecast… Awkward!

We’ve all been there…

The stages of life, moments in time, and phases… that are just… 


awkward funny dog








The fashion trends you tried on for a moment that didn’t really work for you…

The time you blurted something out right when the room fell silent…

When you felt weird and uncomfortable in your changing body after pregnancy or going through menopause…

Every time you started a new job, project, hobby or relationship… 

And the cringeworthy hairsprayed bangs, high scrunchie, Santa Sweater, turtleneck, and perm in middle school (yes that’s me in 6th grade!).

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Not my finest moment! 🫣

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because February heralds both a personal and collective “awkward phase” for us all… 

On this week’s Astrology Hub Podcast Month-Ahead Forecast Panel, Sky Astrologer Andrea Michelle Kennedy and Harmonic Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin walk us through the most important transits of the dynamic month of February… 

And help us understand the “evolutionary intention of awkward”, and why this is particularly important to cozy up with in the month ahead. 

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It’s all about change, getting out of your comfort zone, and embracing new possibilities, even if you’re not sure HOW and even if it’s not always elegant! 

And this episode is definitely worth carving out 55:33 minutes of time to watch in its entirety. We walk through the month giving you the transit highlights and most important dates to keep in mind while you’re planning your month ahead. 

Andrea Michelle and Clarissa do an amazing job at making the most critical elements of February easy to understand while providing actionable and grounded guidance!

So as we prepare to enter another “awkward phase” of life, remember to be kind and gentle with yourself and each other, and don’t forget to have some fun with it! 

At the very least, we'll share some laughs (I know I did sifting through old photographs – you may want to do the same to get in the spirit!).

And my guess is that someday, when we're on the other side of these growing pains, you’ll marvel at how far you’ve come.

In awkward camaraderie and continual growth,


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