In this  Seeds of Light episode, Astrologer Acyuta-Bhava and Ana Zaharia discuss… The “Do’s and Don’ts” of Looking At Your Child’s Chart

This episode explores the different ways we can be guided by the natal charts of the children in our lives, and how to lean on them for insight and awareness. When you tune in, you’ll hear why Acyuta-Bhava waited for a full year before looking at his daughter’s chart, and why he suggests some of his clients do the same. 

It’s an information-packed episode! Here’s what we explore:
  • How it’s still common in places like India for a parent to consult with an astrologer when a child is born, and what they hope to achieve with that.
  • Ways that the placement of your child’s Sun, Moon, and Rising to help guide your parenting decisions and your understanding of your child’s needs.
  • What impact the current world transits may have on today’s youth, and how big transits for your child early on can be seen as helpful to their soul’s path.
  • How to avoid using your child’s astrology as a weapon or a way to objectify them.
  • Why using prediction techniques can be harmful and produce unnecessary anxiety.

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