Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 13th – 19th | New Moon in Scorpio

She came out with a bold statement when I asked her what the theme for this Scorpio New Moon Cycle is… 


“Seize the power before it seizes you!” – Wendy Stacy, Inner Circle Astrologer Guide


I know the suggestion to “seize power” can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions and ideas…


Power has gotten a bad rap lately, and rightfully so! We’ve been experiencing and witnessing astounding levels of ABUSE of power in the world around us…


But as we enter this conversation please keep in mind that we’re not talking about power over anything or anyone


We’re talking about seizing your personal power to actualize the vision you have for your life.


Wendy says this moon cycle in Scorpio is, “Pregnant and bursting with opportunities for personal empowerment and cleansing.”


What is within your power to do in the circumstances you find yourself in? What is out of your control? Can you place your focus on what is within your sphere of influence? 


Maybe it’s baby steps to get yourself out of a less than ideal situation… or maybe you can make bigger, bolder actions. 


Where CAN you use your personal power to find resolution? Forgive others or your past?


And what might resolution enable in YOU? Where is resentment holding you back? What are you ready to be free or liberated from?  


Where can you seize the power to STEP UP in your own life? 


We all hold ourselves back from time to time, but this lunar cycle is all about recognizing where you’re doing that and moving forward in a new way. 


Wendy brought in the imagery of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, reminding us of the magical new being that emerges from the ashes after the fire. 




And I love this Phoenix here, rising in passionate flames and shooting right toward the stars! 


Remember, life is an adventure! Can you harness the power of your own adventurous spirit, be bold, and put action behind dreams and ideas that you’ve been “pregnant” with for sometime?


What dreams or ideas have been seeded, but now require your bold participation to become real? To crystallize into form? 


Now’s the time. 


Shake it up!


Harness the energy of the phoenix…


And GO! 


We here at Astrology Hub are rooting for you, seeing you glorious, fiery and brilliant… and shooting for the STARS! 🌟🔥🌟


With love,



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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:

🌪️ Monday, November 13th: Navigating the Scorpio-Taurus Dynamic

The Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus

Today, you’re stepping into a potent mix of Scorpio and Taurus energies, with the Sun, Mars, and Moon all conjoined in Scorpio, opposing Uranus in Taurus. It’s a day that might feel a bit shaky, setting the tone for the next 29 days. For some, this energy is exciting, while for others, it might feel a bit uncomfortable.

This alignment is very physical, urging you to move and be active. Even if the weather isn’t great, try to channel your energy positively – hit the gym, go for a walk, or engage in any physical activity that resonates with you. It’s crucial to avoid sitting on this volatile energy.

Financial matters are also in the spotlight, thanks to the Scorpio-Taurus influence. You might notice some volatility in the markets or changes in fiscal policies. If you’re feeling a bit insecure about these shifts, remember, it’s more about perception than reality. This energy might feel unsettling, especially if you prefer stability, but it’s temporary and part of a larger, exciting process.

Mercury in Sagittarius adds an element of the unexpected, and with the New Moon, it’s a time for planting seeds and setting intentions. Before reacting to any situation, take a moment to breathe deeply and discern whether it’s your ego or soul responding. Ask yourself if your reaction will serve you in the short or long term.

There’s a lot of emotional and energetic intensity today, so use your breath as a tool to navigate it. Deep breathing can help reset your mind and body, allowing you to step back, gather more information, and trust your instincts. Remember, the Moon is about gut feelings, while Scorpio’s energy is about deeper intuition – like sensing something’s off. Today, it’s all about tuning into these subtle cues and using them to guide your actions.

So, take a deep breath, trust your instincts, and use this dynamic energy to kickstart your week. It’s a day to be intentional, active, and open to the subtle messages of your intuition. 🌌🔮


🎉 Tuesday, November 14th: Lightening Up with Sagittarius Energy

Moon enters Sagittarius, conjoining Mercury and sextiling Venus in Libra

After the intensity of Monday, Tuesday brings a welcome shift as the Moon enters Sagittarius, lightening the overall mood. This change ushers in a more social and lively vibe, perfect for connecting with others. The Moon’s conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius amplifies this energy, making it an ideal day for communication, study, and planning, especially travel.

The Moon in Sagittarius sextile Venus in Libra adds a harmonious touch to your interactions. It’s a day filled with fun and enjoyment, encouraging you to spend time with people and engage in uplifting activities. The social and intellectual energy is high, so make the most of it!

This day also brings a practical side, particularly favorable for contracts and negotiations. Sagittarius’s influence may inspire you to take some calculated risks, adding a bit of excitement to your routine. The Sun and Mars in Scorpio, however, remind you to balance this adventurous spirit with a touch of caution.

Overall, Tuesday is a day to keep things light, social, and positive. Enjoy the uplifted spirits, engage in stimulating conversations, and embrace the opportunities for fun and learning. It’s a day to let go of the heaviness and embrace the lighter side of life. 🌟📚🤝


🌄 Wednesday, November 15th: Grounding and Centering

Sun and Mars separating from opposition to Uranus, Jupiter in Taurus

As we move into Wednesday, the cosmic energy continues its forward momentum, but with a calmer, more grounded vibe. The Sun and Mars begin to separate from their opposition to Uranus, easing some of the tension and volatility experienced earlier in the week.

With the Moon still in Sagittarius, the day is influenced by Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius. This brings a sense of expansion and optimism, yet with Jupiter in Taurus and retrograde, there’s a grounding effect that helps balance the expansive energy.

This combination of energies makes Wednesday a day for finding your center and feeling more settled. It’s an excellent time to focus on grounding activities that bring a sense of stability and calm. Whether it’s spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness, or engaging in a hobby that keeps you present, take advantage of this day to recharge and realign.

Overall, Wednesday is a day to embrace a more relaxed pace, allowing yourself to feel more anchored and at ease. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the week’s events so far and prepare for the days ahead with a renewed sense of clarity and calm. 🍃🧘‍♂️🌳


🔍 Thursday, November 16th: Navigating Challenges with Patience

Yod formation with Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus

Thursday brings a unique astrological configuration with a yod involving Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. This aspect can make it feel like things are a bit stuck or not flowing as smoothly as you’d like. You might find it challenging to express yourself clearly or feel like your efforts aren’t gaining the momentum you hoped for.

This day calls for patience and a focus on the tasks at hand, even if they seem mundane or routine. It’s a good day for administrative work or tackling those tasks you’ve been putting off, like organizing your accounts or clearing out your inbox.

While there may be a sense of being held back, especially with Jupiter in Taurus influencing the day, remember that this is temporary. It’s a day to take things step by step, without rushing or forcing outcomes. Embrace the slower pace and use it as an opportunity to catch your breath and regroup.

In summary, Thursday might not be the most dynamic day, but it’s an important one for laying the groundwork and attending to details. Keep in mind that sometimes progress is made in the quieter, less noticeable moments. 📝🐢🌟


🌌 Friday, November 17th: Intuitive Insights and Creative Expression

Sun conjoined Mars trining Neptune

Friday ushers in a day of deeper intuition and creativity, with the Sun conjoining Mars and forming a trine to Neptune. This celestial alignment enhances your connection to the subconscious, opening doors to psychic insights and intuitive understanding.

This is an excellent day for creative pursuits. Whether you’re inclined to write poetry, compose music, or simply journal your thoughts, the energy of the day supports artistic expression. The out-of-bounds Moon and Mercury further amplify this creative and intuitive energy, encouraging you to document your ideas and inspirations.

Despite its calm nature, this configuration is not passive. The Sun-Mars conjunction provides a motivational boost, making it a great time to act on your insights and inspirations. It’s also a wonderful day for connecting with others, as there’s a heightened sense of empathy and understanding in the air.

In summary, Friday is a day to embrace your creative and intuitive side. It’s a time for reflection, artistic expression, and connecting with others on a deeper, more empathetic level. Trust your intuition, engage with your creative passions, and enjoy the harmonious energy of the day. 🎨🔮💭🤝🌟


🏔️ Saturday, November 18th: Practical Manifestation and Business Acumen

Moon conjoined Pluto in Capricorn

Saturday brings a potent combination of the Moon conjoining Pluto in Capricorn, offering a unique opportunity for practical manifestation and business savvy. This rare alignment, happening fewer times as Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn, emphasizes discipline, responsibility, and giving form to your ideas and dreams.

This day is particularly powerful for business endeavors and monetizing creative ideas. The Sun-Mars in Scorpio and Moon-Pluto in Capricorn create an excellent environment for commercial success and practical advancements. It’s a day to be proactive about turning your thoughts and dreams into tangible outcomes.

Consider this day as a call to action: transcribe your thoughts, plan your next steps, and give life to your creative projects. Whether it’s finalizing a business plan, recording a song you wrote earlier in the week, or simply organizing your ideas, the energy of the day supports making things real and giving them substance.

Reflect on your growth and how you respond to challenges now compared to the past. This reflection can empower you, helping you set boundaries and move forward with confidence. Remember, your creations, whether they are artistic works or business ventures, are extensions of yourself that can leave a lasting impact.

In summary, Saturday is a day for practical action and bringing your ideas to life. It’s an excellent time for business and creative endeavors, offering a chance to leave a mark through your work and expressions. Embrace this opportunity to manifest your dreams into reality and set the stage for lasting success. 📝💼🌟🎶🔨


🌌 Sunday, November 19th: Reflective and Restorative

Preparing for the upcoming week

A day for rest and reflection as you prepare for the upcoming week. Take time to assimilate the week’s experiences and insights. It’s a day for self-care and setting intentions for the new week ahead.


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