Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 27th – December 3rd | Tips for the Full Moon in Gemini

Happy Full Moon!


This one in Gemini has our relationships in the spotlight, once again…


And this time it’s all about the insights into ourselves, that we can get through the reflection of others. 


You’ve probably heard it said that our relationships are mirrors through which we learn about ourselves…


So with the illuminating Full Moon this week, patterns WITHIN YOU, that may usually feel illusive to you, may be easier to see. 


A great video from Relationship Coach and New York Times Bestseller, Esther Perel, came up on my YouTube feed yesterday. 


She was talking about the “merry-go-round” of arguments that we can sometimes find ourselves on, in our personal relationships. 


It’s worth watching, but I’ll do my best to quickly summarize. 


She said that despite the content of the argument, that all repetitive conflicts break down into 3 categories:


(1) We fight over power and control. Who makes the decisions? Who’s priorities matter more? 

(2) We fight over care, closeness, and trust. Do you have my back? Do you live with my best interests in mind? Am I held by you? 

(3) We fight over respect and recognition. Do you value me? 


And when you start to lose yourself in these arguments, the key question is, what am I reacting to? 


The repetitive loop you’re finding yourself in is reflecting something to you, about your underlying needs, and YOU have the power to react differently and create a different outcome. 


But it starts with this type of self-reflection and this Full Moon in Gemini is lighting the way for us to see what might usually be harder to pinpoint! 


On the Weekly Astrological Weather, Astrologer Nura Rachelle also brought in the unique opportunity we have right now to see WHO we are allowing to be our mirrors.


  • Where do you have too much dependence on what others are thinking of you? 
  • Who’s voices are in your head? 
  • Are you allowing the RIGHT people to be a mirror through which you see yourself? 


If you’re feeling hyper-dependent on someone else’s opinion of you, maybe this isn’t the right person? Or maybe you can reflect on WHY that person’s opinion matters to you so much? 


There’s more insights to glean on the Weekly Astrological Weather and Christopher Renstrom’s Horoscope Highlights so you can tune into those offers from us here


And in the meantime, we’ll be doing some reflection of our own! Looking in the mirror that YOU have provided for US, in our Podcast Survey. 


We received over 2000 responses and are dedicating the month of December to digest your feedback, reflect on Astrology Hub’s deepest intent, and create a plan for 2024 that serves us both!


During December, we will not be airing our regularly broadcasted shows like the Weekly Weather, Horoscope Highlights or Cosmic Connection…


But we WILL be sharing some Special Edition Holiday-themed content that we hope you enjoy just as much. 


As I look out at the Full Moon, I give thanks for the light you reflect back to me…


Reminding me that I’m not alone on this journey and there are amazing people like you who are curious, seeking, and finding your way in the dark. 


Much love,



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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:

🌕 Monday, November 27th: The Power of Perception

 Full Moon in Gemini

Today marks the full moon in Gemini, illuminating the skies and your understanding. As Gemini's duality meets Sagittarius's quest for truth, you may find yourself balancing between what's factual and what's theoretical. The full moon squares off with Saturn in Pisces, adding a dimension of seriousness to your thoughts. Meanwhile, the Sun's conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius injects a dose of vitality into your beliefs. This day is about harnessing the mutable energy of flexibility and adaptability. Recognize which beliefs energize you and which drain you. Embrace the courage to face truths and engage with the wisdom that comes from acknowledging reality as it is. It's a potent day for expanding your vision and consciousness through the information you gather and the perceptions you hold. Feel the energizing power of the full moon to navigate through your day with vigor and insight.


💬 Tuesday, November 28th: Emotional Reflection and Connection 

Moon Trine Venus & South Node

The afterglow of the full moon continues into Tuesday, offering a time for processing and reflection. With the Moon in communicative Gemini making a supportive trine to Venus and the South Node in harmonious Libra, there's a heightened emotional awareness surrounding your relationships and the truths that came to light yesterday. This aspect encourages social interactions and spirited conversations that can lead to meaningful connections or reconnections. You may feel drawn to public spaces, ready to let your curiosity guide you to new or familiar faces. It's a day to embrace the collective energy, to find joy in serendipitous encounters, and to possibly reunite with old friends who reflect parts of yourself that you haven't engaged with in a while. Use this time to be a mentor or seek guidance, to share experiences, and to indulge in the excitement of where the full moon's revelations are taking you.


💔 Wednesday, November 29th: Letting Go with Grace 

Venus Conjunction South Node

Wednesday welcomes the exact Venus-South Node conjunction in Libra, a significant astrological event that asks you to reflect on past relationships and patterns. This conjunction, at 24 degrees of Libra, might stir karmic themes, encouraging a deep dive into the unconscious and a chance to release old attachments. Venus's forthcoming square with Pluto intensifies this focus, urging a transformation in how you relate to others and yourself.

Today's cosmic climate may reveal where you've become stuck in habitual dynamics, allowing you to consciously choose growth over comfort. The energy of Venus softens the process, offering harmony and the possibility of reconciling with change. It's a day to embrace surrender, to trust in the benefits of letting go, and to find peace in transitions.

You may encounter people from your past who remind you of who you once were, serving as catalysts for current growth. Venus's soothing presence suggests that every experience has shaped you, and nothing is truly left behind—it's all woven into the tapestry of your being. Relationships that have served their purpose are not lost; they become part of your story, enriching your journey and leading you to new horizons.

The day also emphasizes communication, particularly the need to express confusion or seek support without necessarily wanting solutions. With the Sun in Sagittarius, there's a call for directness in expressing your needs. Journaling or discussing your thoughts with trusted individuals can be especially beneficial. It's a day for finding your voice, and maybe more importantly, the right ears to hear it. Avoid the urge to convince others of your beliefs; instead, share your passion with those open to it and use your energy to enlighten, not to persuade.


📚 Thursday, November 30th: Expansive Reflections 

Mercury at the Final Degree of Sagittarius

On Thursday, as the week nears its end, Mercury hovers at the last degree of Sagittarius, prompting a review of the philosophical journeys you've taken. This is a moment to finalize thoughts, beliefs, or learning that has been expanding your mind. The energy is one of culmination, where you can tie together the loose ends of your mental adventures.

The placement of Mercury near the galactic center suggests that your quest for knowledge and understanding is vast, touching on the infinite. While this can be thrilling and can ignite your passion for life, be mindful of the potential for feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of possibilities.

The shadow side of this transit may leave you feeling adrift in an ocean of ideas, searching for a grounding point. It's a day to find balance between the excitement of exploration and the need for a solid foundation. As you navigate these expansive mental spaces, seek to anchor your thoughts in wisdom that can be applied to your daily life. Embrace the journey without being lost in it.


🌐 Friday, December 1st: Grounding Thoughts into Action 

Mercury Enters Capricorn

As Friday dawns with Mercury's transition into the pragmatic sign of Capricorn, the expansive and philosophical musings of the Sagittarian Mercury find a new home in practicality. This is the time to channel your broad ideas and insights into tangible plans and structures.

Mercury in Capricorn encourages a more disciplined approach to thinking, where every thought and concept is scrutinized for its utility and potential to contribute to your long-term goals. It's about discerning which of the intellectual paths you've explored are worth pursuing further and which should be set aside.

This energy shift is akin to sifting through the excitement of a brainstorming session and identifying the gold nuggets that can be refined and put to use. You're moving from the realm of the theoretical to the concrete, from “what if” to “what can be.” Take this opportunity to make commitments, set plans, and begin to build on the foundations of your aspirations.


🧜‍♀️ Saturday, December 2nd: Mystical Realism 

Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Saturn in Pisces

Saturday brings a harmonious sextile between Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces, blending the boundaries between the mystical and the practical. This aspect provides a supportive backdrop for grounding your mental wanderings into something more structured, yet it doesn't lose the enchanting essence of imagination.

Today, the mermaid archetype shared by Capricorn and Pisces swims into focus, inviting you to indulge in the magical side of life while still keeping your feet on the ground. It's an excellent day for engaging with fantasy fiction, or films that inspire you to envision a more wondrous world, reminding you that while life may not mirror the magic on screen, it holds its own authentic enchantment.

This energy encourages you to reminisce about times gone by or to consider the legacy of past lives. It's a time for reflection, informed by the recent Venus-South Node conjunction and the insights from the Gemini full moon. Consider your relationship dynamics and how they may have been shaped by the stories you cherish. Are there elements of romance or fantasy that you yearn for in reality?

Perhaps take inspiration from characters or historical figures you admire. How might their experiences influence your current relationships or personal growth? It's about finding the right balance of romance, fantasy, and practicality in your life.

You might find that the day's energy helps you appreciate the magical moments in your own history, as familiar movies, music, and places stir nostalgic feelings. It's a time for aha moments, where the memories of who you were can inform the wisdom of who you are becoming. Let the practical magic of the day guide you in envisioning a better future by understanding your past.


❤️‍🔥 Sunday, December 3rd: Embracing the Depths 

Venus Enters Scorpio

The week concludes with Venus making her transformative entry into the intense waters of Scorpio. It's a day to dive deep and engage with our more profound emotions, to explore the undercurrents of our desires and relationships. Venus in Scorpio beckons us to “feel it to heal it,” to confront what we usually keep hidden and to love the parts of ourselves that are often left unloved.

With the previous energies of Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra stirring external exploration and interaction, Venus's move into Scorpio now turns the journey inward. It's a call to delve into your personal alchemical soul cave, to engage in internal resourcing, and to find power in vulnerability.

This transit is about integrating the inspiration and insights gained from the week's adventures into our internal landscape, transforming them into emotional strength. It's about bringing light to the shadows and finding love in the darkest corners of our experiences.

As you reflect on the week, recognize the nuances in your life and trust in your ability to return to your center. No matter how far you roam in your explorations, fantasies, or external engagements, there is a part of you that remains constant—an unchanging center connected to the oneness of life. You are invited to play, to explore, and to remember that you can always return to the safety of your own being. The message of the day is a reminder that your body is a sanctuary, and you possess more inner resources than you might realize.


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