Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 4th – 10th | We need to talk…

Today I’m speaking to the part of you that is yearning for expansion… ready to uplevel, upgrade, step into your calling in more embodied ways… whatever you want to call it! 


I’m also speaking to any part of you that is simultaneously feeling blocked on some level. 


It may or may not be totally clear to you WHY you are blocked, but there’s something in you that’s holding back…


Maybe the blockages seem like they’re coming from external “situations” or people  in your life…


Or maybe it feels completely internal. 


Either way, your soul is calling for expansion and yet, you… 




If any of this resonates, today’s podcast/Youtube episode feature is for YOU! 


In this episode, we talked about the very sensitive corridor of time that we’re in right now (and will be in, off and on, through 2024)  as Pluto does its final dance in Capricorn before it moves into Aquarius where it’ll be for 20 years!


Natasha highlights the astrological reasons WHY you’re blocked (you’re right in the cosmic flow!), WHAT the opportunity really is, and HOW you can begin to remove those obstacles one by one…


You’ll get to see one of my favorite, purely organic moments where Natasha is inspired to draw us a visual to illustrate the movement for ALL of us from our Capricornian boxes into the Aquarian future (how adorable is she?!?) 


And if you’re anything like the 10,000+ viewers who have already tuned into this episode, you’ll walk away saying things like:


“Brilliant explanation of exactly why and where I've been in my life these past several years. I broke out more than once, and gave up on myself to return to my life where it was. I'm now ready to try again…”


“I’m not even done watching and this has already been a profoundly powerful conversation!!!! I relate to this so much…”


“Natasha's words are so validating for a very difficult few years, thank you.” 🙏😪


“Wow! What wisdom in just one podcast! Psychospiritual astrology at its best!”


“This was profound, powerful, resonant with the journey … There are not enough words. Just simply awesome and wonderful to listen to. Thank you” ❤️


Click here to tune in to the episode —>


It was truly an experience of collective therapy as we ALL felt profound shifts and tapped into the potential that is ready and waiting within us…


So we can bust out of the “boxes” we’ve built for ourselves, and shine our lights brightly!  


It is my hope that this serves to inspire, uplift and fuel your expansion as we enter into the New Year. 


With love,


P.S As a reminder, we are taking a break from our regular podcast shows this month while we revamp our line-up of content for you! 2000+ of you filled out a podcast survey that we sent out (thank YOU!) and we are considering your thoughts as we build out our content for the coming year. 

In the meantime, we have some great special “Holiday Themed” episodes lined up for you to enjoy this month! Here’s the full line-up:


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Weekly Astrology Forecast:

Monday, December 4th: Intense Soul Searching 💫

Venus Enters Scorpio

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as Venus dives into Scorpio. Think deep chats, intense vibes, and some serious soul-searching. It's all about getting real with your feelings and maybe uncovering a secret or two. Grab a cup of tea, and let's dive deep!


Tuesday, December 5th: Emotional Anchoring 🌊

Venus in Scorpio Trine Saturn in Pisces

Today's like a warm hug from the universe. Venus and Saturn are aligning, bringing a comfy, cozy vibe to your relationships. Think stability meets depth – it’s the perfect day for heart-to-hearts that actually go somewhere.


Wednesday, December 6th: Spiritual Clarity 💧

Neptune Goes Direct in Pisces

Neptune's waking up and things are getting clear! Expect those foggy thoughts to start making sense. Whether it's a sudden ‘aha' moment or a subtle nudge from your intuition, today's all about getting that crystal-clear insight.


Thursday, December 7th: Expansive Thinking 🌐

Mercury in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus

Your brain’s in overdrive today in the best way. It’s all about big ideas and future plans. Got a dream? Today’s the day to sketch it out. Mercury and Jupiter are teaming up to turn your ‘what ifs' into ‘why nots.'


🌑 Friday, Dec 8th: Emotional Depths Unveiled

Moon Squares Pluto

Today's mood is intense as the Moon squares off with Pluto. You might feel like you're on an emotional excavation, uncovering deeper truths and hidden feelings. It's a day to confront what's lurking in the shadows of your psyche. Expect powerful insights, but also be prepared for some emotional intensity. It's a perfect time for transformation – so lean into the depths and let the transformative power of Pluto do its work. Remember, sometimes you need to explore the dark to appreciate the light.


Saturday, December 9th: Passionate Extremes 🔥

Venus Opposition Jupiter

Whoa, emotions are running high today! It's all about big feelings and maybe some over-the-top moments. Enjoy the ride, but maybe keep a reality check handy – things could get intense.


Sunday, December 10th: Surprise Revelations 🌓

Moon Opposition Uranus

Today's like your favorite plot twist in a movie. The Moon and Uranus are stirring things up, bringing surprises and maybe a sudden change or two. Stay on your toes and enjoy the spontaneity – who knows what could happen?


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