Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 11th – 17th | 2024 in a nutshell…

If I had a good book growing up, I would find as many ways as possible to “sneak in” reading sessions whenever I could…


Escaping to my room to voraciously read a few pages after school, excusing myself early from dinner, tucking into a corner to have a little quiet with my book (can you say Gemini Moon? 😉♊)…


And this was exactly how I felt with Christopher Renstrom’s absolutely masterful sneak peek into the astrology of 2024!


In between the holiday bustle at my girls’ schools, a trip to California, and getting ready for our Solstice Challenge… I ravenously consumed Christopher’s 2024 Predictions Episode whenever I could! 


It’s 1 hour and 23 minutes of sheer brilliance… and completely our gift to you! 


Click here to watch Christopher Renstrom’s 2024 Predictions for All Zodiac Signs 


I took copious notes with the idea to share with you here in the Insider, but the truth is, you’ll really get the most out of this episode if you tune in!


And here’s why… in this episode you’ll get:


    • The overarching “map” of 2024… highs, lows, and the most important transits of the year (plus why and who these transits will effect the most).
    • Why 2024 will “end dramatically” and how this will carry into 2025
    • What Pluto’s move into Aquarius will offer and how it will challenge us
    • The best, most challenging and most powerful days of 2024 (Christopher even selects a date as the crown jewel of the whole year – think carefully about how you want to use this 🙂 
    • Why November 3, 2024 is going to be a day of GREAT RECKONING
    • And so much more… 


There’s a few things that will be helpful to keep in mind as we enter into the New Year… 


Christopher recommended that as we go through 2024, we really take a look at what we’re leaving behind (is it a good thing to leave behind?) and that we choose what we want to take with us. 


Consider, what about Pluto’s stay in Capricorn since 2009 has bestowed something valuable to you? What knowledge, experience, property, status, people do you want to move forward with? 


He cautioned us not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater…” and that we’re not meant to start with a completely blank slate even if we’re tempted to create one! 


And finally, Christopher said the key questions we can ask throughout 2024, before we enter the wild ride of 2025, are these… 


“What is good about the past that I can take with me as I move to a very future oriented 2025? How can I marry sustainability and innovation with my vision of what a perfect world would be for us to all live in?” 


That’s a quote I know I’ll be putting on a whiteboard so I can refer to it often throughout 2024…


Perhaps you’ll want to do this too! And we can come back to these questions over and over as we navigate the terrain of the year ahead…


Allowing the astrological themes of the year to act as our bright shining compass. 


Sending love and appreciation,



P.S. As we’re reconsidering all things podcast content right now, we wanted to stay connected… one way we’re doing this is by offering you the opportunity to set intentions with us for 2024! We’re hosting a free series called the “12 Days of Solstice Challenge” and it’s a magical intention setting journey through the lunar cycles of 2024. 

We’d love to come together with you during this sacred holiday time to consider the year ahead with intention and purpose… click here to join the 12 Days of Solstice Challenge.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast:

Monday, Dec 11th: Chat & Connect 🌐

Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Scorpio

Today's all about connecting the dots. Mercury and Venus are syncing up, making it a prime time for heart-to-hearts that go beyond the surface. Whether it's a deep talk with a friend or an important meeting, expect a flow of understanding and empathy.


Tuesday, Dec 12th: Aim High, Reflect Deep 🏹

New Moon in Sagittarius & Mercury Retrograde

A double whammy! The New Moon in Sag invites you to set bold intentions, while Mercury retro nudges you to reflect. It's the perfect day to dream big but also revisit past plans with a fresh perspective.


Wednesday, Dec 13th: Calm & Collected 🌊

Moon Sextile Saturn

Feeling grounded and in control, aren't we? Today's vibe is all about emotional balance. It's the perfect time to tackle responsibilities with a cool head and a steady heart.


Thursday, Dec 14th: Feeling the Love 💖

Moon Sextile Venus

Love and beauty are in the air. Today's energy is perfect for nurturing relationships and appreciating the finer things in life. Whether it's a creative project or a romantic evening, let your heart lead the way.


Friday, Dec 15th: Quirky Ideas Day 💡

Moon Enters Aquarius

Time to embrace your inner weirdo! As the Moon enters Aquarius, your thoughts might turn towards the unconventional. It's a day for brainstorming and connecting with friends who get your unique vibe.


Saturday, Dec 16th: Dream vs. Reality 🌫️

Sun Square Neptune

Today might feel a bit hazy. Dreams and reality are at odds, so it might be hard to tell what's what. Embrace the confusion as a source of creative inspiration, but keep your feet on the ground.


Sunday, Dec 17th: Deep Emotional Waters 🌜

Moon Conjunction Saturn

Today's about diving deep into your emotions. The Moon and Saturn in Pisces ask you to reflect on life's bigger picture. It's a day for soulful introspection and finding the silver lining in life’s lessons.


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