Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 18th – 24th | Neptune’s final exam is coming…

Today we’re going to pan out a bit and adjust our focus so we can see the big picture. 


And this message is especially important for any of you who have a dream or a vision for this world, who are artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, intuitives, or agents of change in any way. 


As cosmic navigators (yes, if you’re reading this, that’s YOU!), we’re tracking both the quick fluctuations of day to day, weekly or monthly energy… 


But we’re also tuning into the larger tides… the overarching, collective themes that act like a backdrop to our lives and last for years or even decades. 

I like to think of these more overarching energies like the steady drumbeat in a song… so constant you almost don’t notice it anymore but it’s the thing that is keeping the pace, and it’s what you attune to if you’re dancing to it (and we’re all doing with the cosmic tides whether we’re aware of it or not!) 


And there’s a big cosmic energy we’ve been dancing with since 2012, that is going to reach its culminating moments in 2024/2025.


And that’s Neptune in Pisces. 


Have you noticed the surge of conversations, online courses, social media memes and awareness around all things spiritual (not necessarily religious, but spiritual)? Meditation, intuition, magic, consciousness expanding practices and tools? 


Also… illusion, deceit, confusion and the shattering of beliefs and the reality we’ve created around those beliefs? 


THIS is the influence Neptune in Pisces has had on the collective zeitgeist (and on us individually) for the past 13 years…


And we’ll be in “final exam” mode on Neptune’s lessons as it reaches the critical degrees of Pisces in 2024 and 2025. 


So what does this mean for you? For the world? 


It means we have an OPPORTUNITY! 


It’s an opportunity to double down on our spiritual practices, put our intuitive guidance system to the test, create spiritual communities where we can support each other in cultivating and giving our unique gifts. 


As our guest on the Astrology Hub Podcast (and upcoming Inner Circle Guiddess!), Rachel Lang said,


“It’s time! If you’re an artist, make things! Lean into art and creativity… there is going to be a HUGE blend of merging science, technology, art, and media. Don’t hold yourself back. We need artists, poets, dreamers. All of the people with magical gifts, to come out of the woodwork and share their song!”


That’s you, even if you’re not aware of it yet.


Rachel’s offering on the podcast is a stellar one not to be missed. Not only does she talk about the overarching themes of Neptune in Pisces for the next two years, but she goes through what this will mean for EACH SIGN. 


You’ll get global and personal guidance on this episode, guidance that could just help you set your sights higher, while you pull your vision from the unseen realms into the seen. 


And if any of this appeals to you, and you’d love to harness the power of the spiritual awakening that’s happening on this planet. 


Come and do this with us, in community, at our FREE 12 Days of Solstice Intention Setting Journey! 


We’ll be attuning to a higher vision for our lives and for the world. We’ll use the Zodiac and the Lunar Cycles of 2024 as our “organizing structure,” and you’ll glide into 2024 on the wings of inspiration. 


It’s a series that will set you up to dance with the crescendo of energy that Neptune at the final degrees of Pisces offers so you can cultivate, express and give your gifts to benefit the whole. 

It starts this Thursday, December 21 and runs through the New Year, January 1! Click here to reserve your free spot for the 12 Days of Solstice Intention Setting Challenge! 


This is the time to dream big and BE the agent of change you came here to be. 


We’re here for you, standing side by side and hand in hand! Let’s do this! 


With love and admiration,



Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:

Monday, Dec 18th: Broadening Horizons 🌐

Mercury in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus

Big ideas and practical steps come together today. Mercury and Jupiter are teaming up, making it a fab day for planning and dreaming big. Your thoughts are grounded yet expansive, perfect for mapping out those long-term goals.


Tuesday, Dec 19th: Fiery Start 🌶️

Moon Enters Aries

Feel the energy surge as the Moon enters bold Aries. It's a day to embrace your inner warrior and tackle challenges head-on. Get ready for an adrenaline boost and some fiery motivation!


Wednesday, Dec 20th: Double Shift 🔄

Vesta Retrograde Enters Gemini & Venus Opposition Uranus

A day of shifts and surprises. Vesta's retrograde in Gemini brings a reflective tone to your commitments, while Venus opposing Uranus might shake up your relationship dynamics. Expect the unexpected in love and passion!


Thursday, Dec 21st: Capricorn Season Begins 🌄

Mercury Sextile Saturn & Sun Enters Capricorn

Steadiness meets ambition as the Sun enters Capricorn. It's a powerful day for setting intentions and grounding your ideas. Mercury and Saturn are aligning to help you plan effectively. Welcome to Capricorn season – let's get serious about those goals!


Friday, Dec 22nd: Cosmic Alignment 🌟

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn & Mercury Retrograde Enters Sagittarius

A day for deep thinking and reflection. The Sun and Mercury meet, focusing your mind on important matters. Mercury's step back into Sagittarius invites you to revisit past ideas with fresh eyes.


Saturday, Dec 23rd: Emotional Tug-of-War 💔

Moon in Taurus Opposite Venus in Scorpio

Feel the pull between security and depth in relationships. Today might bring some emotional ups and downs as the Moon opposes Venus. Find balance between comfort and emotional intensity.


Sunday, Dec 24th: Grounded Wisdom 🌳

Sun in Capricorn Sextile Saturn in Pisces

A harmonious day for practical wisdom. The Sun's link to Saturn brings a sense of responsibility and structure. It's a great day for making solid plans and setting achievable goals.



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