The Season of Showstopper Shifts Starts Now

Even though today isn’t the astrological New Year, which comes at the Spring Equinox…

We can use any opportunity to begin anew and commit more fully to living our unique “celestial pattern.”

This unique pattern has never come before and will never come again, and you're here to live your pattern as fully and completely as possible…

And THAT is worth celebrating, today and everyday! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Now, it's somewhat rare that the calendar New Year coincides with any major astrological events…

But this year it does.

If you feel like you’ve been on the verge of a huge energetic shift, and you’ve long been waiting for something pivotal to happen…

We’re about to have the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

This week on the Astrology Hub Podcast, we’re featuring our first-ever, 2 astrologer month-ahead panel.

Astrologers Nura Rachelle and Mark Borax explain how the astrology of January will influence not just the month ahead, but the whole year.

Tune into the January 2024 Astrology Forecast Here →

You see, this shift into 2024 heralds a lot of big changes. 

Of course, the big showstopper (of the month, year… and maybe even the decade?) is Pluto’s move into Aquarius.

You’ll find out why Mark calls this *the* make-or-break moment for humanity… and why he says the future we’ve been waiting for is here! 

I know one of the things the shift from Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius is igniting, is a collective craving for change in the way we create, work, collaborate, and manifest our reality…

Away from the “no pain, no gain,” hussle and grind that got us into a lot of the challenges we face today…

And into a more collaborative, caring, and compassionate way of being in our individual lives and in the projects, companies and communities we create.

It is with this spirit, that we at Astrology Hub are embracing the idea of “Simplify to Amplify.” (I’ll be sharing a lot more about this and how it’ll impact the way we deliver our content to you in the coming weeks)!

And because this idea is so alive for us, I said “yes” without hesitation, to a speaking opportunity that came in from a beautiful community member from New Zealand.

Michal McCracken is hosting a virtual summit called “Business Growth Trends for 2024” and I’m one of her featured speakers.

The free interview series is focused on providing female entrepreneurs with inspiration, and motivation to regain control of their businesses and achieve more with less effort.

Essentially, to simplify and amplify their lives and businesses.

The virtual interview series is free, and you’re invited 🙂 Click here to get access. 

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in learning more about how to do this in your own life, I really think you’ll enjoy this interview series!

In the meantime, I’m celebrating you, and the new beginning the New Year creates…

Thank you for shining the unique light that you are, and for being a part of our constellation.

With love,


P.S. An announcement about our revised podcast calendar is coming out later this week (stay tuned!) and in the meantime, here’s what you have access to now and can look forward to later 🙂

🔮January 1st: January Astrology Forecast w/ Mark Borax + Nura Rachelle 

⚖️January 8th: Pluto in Aquarius for all 12 Zodiac Signs w/ Christopher Renstrom

🌒January 10th: The Moon’s Connection to Magic w/ Rachel Lang

💫January 15th: Mars transit Capricorn for all 12 Zodiac Signs w/ Cameron Allen

📖January 17th: Understanding Depth Psychology and Astrology w/ Vanessa Bennett & Dené Logan

🎙️January 22nd: Interview w/ Shima Moore, Co-Founder of Conscious Life Expo

🔮January 29th: February Astrology Forecast w/ Andrea Michelle and Clarissa Dolphin


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This Week on the ASTROLOGY HUB Podcast!


January Astrology 2024 Forecast w/ Nura Rachelle and Mark Borax

January Astrology Forecast

with Mark Borax and Rachel Lang

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