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“Mars-Uranus brings a delicious chaos. We might be thrown for a loop, but there's also a chance to break free and explore completely new paths.” ~ Christopher Renstrom, Mars-Uranus Podcast 


Happy Moon-day (aka Monday 😉)


The cosmic fireworks heading our way are coming in HOT, with the energy building up to the biggest astrological transit of the month…


So as the mercury climbs in the western hemisphere and the air shimmers with heat, we want to make sure you have all the resources you need to navigate this new terrain. 🔥


On July 15th, Mars and Uranus join forces in Taurus, and as Inner Circle astrologer Christopher Renstrom says, this conjunction is like “throwing gasoline” on an already blazing bonfire.


Mars, the fiery planet of action and drive, is teaming up with Uranus, the electrifying harbinger of change and revolution…


…It's like mixing the raw power of a wildfire with the unpredictability of a lightning storm!


Just as a sudden summer thunderstorm can clear the air and bring relief from the oppressive heat, this conjunction has the potential to shake things up in ways that might be jarring at first but ULTIMATELY refreshing and liberating.


But this cosmic shake-up isn't just about chaos and disruption…


…there's some serious potential for liberation and positive transformation here, too.


Think about it: How often do we get stuck in our routines, too scared, or too comfortable to make a change? This Mars-Uranus conjunction might be the cosmic heat that inspires you to strip off those old patterns and embrace new possibilities.


What might those patterns be? Christopher Renstrom goes deeper into what it means for YOUR sign in the Mars-Uranus podcast on Astrology Hub. 


Click here to listen or watch. 


Remember, this conjunction is happening in Taurus, an earth sign associated with stability and material concerns. So, while the energy is revolutionary, it's not about change for change's sake.


It's about making concrete, tangible shifts that improve your day-to-day reality and align your outer world with your inner truth.


The key to harnessing this energy? Living consciously and intentionally.


What do you desperately want to change but have been too afraid to tackle? This is your chance to break free from those self-imposed limitations and create a life that genuinely excites you.


As we navigate this powerful conjunction, remember that its purpose is ultimately liberating.


Yes, it might feel uncomfortable or even scary at times. Change often does. 


But on the other side of this cosmic storm lies the potential for a more authentic, exciting life aligned with your true self.


Stay open to the unexpected, trust your instincts, and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. 


You might be surprised at the exhilarating sense of freedom waiting on the other side.


Wishing you breakthroughs, liberation, and exciting new beginnings,

Amanda ❤️‍🔥

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