New Moon in Cancer

have you ever heard the term “the dog days of summer?”


I’ve used it most of my life and was delighted (and a little embarrassed) to find out what it actually means yesterday, while flipping through the 2024 Farmer’s Almanac!


I always thought it had something to do with being as lethargic as a dog on a hot summer’s day…😅😜


But it’s actually a reference to the stars! Specifically, the star Sirius. 


The phrase dates back to the Roman Empire and refers to the period from July 3 to August 11 when Sirius rises and sets in conjunction with the sun. Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, which is Latin for the “greater dog.”


So the Romans called this time, “The days of the dog star!” And we’ve adopted it as the “dog days of summer!”


And this has significant relevance to the New Moon in Cancer Cycle we’re about to enter on July 4th or 5th (depending on where you are in the world.) 


In her New Moon Forecast for the Inner Circle, Esoteric Astrologer, AstroLada pointed out that this New Moon is EXACTLY conjunct Sirius.


This means that both luminaries, the Sun AND the Moon will be perfectly aligned with Sirius at 14 degrees of Cancer… carrying the light of this star and the significance it holds directly to us. 


Lada emphasized that Sirius is the star of spiritual upliftment and freedom and is often associated with spiritual warriors and teachers, divinely inspired leaders, protection from the spiritual realm (she referenced many countries who have aligned their “liberation” days with this period of time).


She said this is a time that is ripe for divinely inspired new actions that will lead to personal liberation, with lasting results. 


And that the inspired urges will not come from a mental “pros and cons” list, they will be more intuitively guided by your gut, heart and inner impulses.


Lada also said this is a perfect time for taking action and new beginnings, as all of the personal planets are still direct, and the placement of Sirius (and Aldeberon) are present and indicating fortunate outcomes for new endeavors you begin now.


So in these final days of the Gemini Lunar Cycle, I invite you to spend some time in reflection about the last 28 days…


What have you learned about yourself? What obstacles did you face? Can you mine the challenges for any gifts you’ve received? 


It’s been a more challenging one for me (maybe you too?) and I often had to remind myself of what our previous Inner Circle Astrologer, Christopher Renstrom shared at HIS forecast last month at the beginning of the Gemini Lunar Cycle…


That the “Saturnian obstacles” we’re facing are working together for our good…


And that the resolution may not happen right now, but it will eventually be clear.


Sounds like Sirius may be lighting the way for this to happen next 🌟🌟🌟


Sending you lots of love during these “dog days of summer,” and a happy New Moon in Cancer to you.


All my best,



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PPS. We have a new episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast for you!  It’s perfect for those of you who don’t feel as “technically” inclined, and are looking for a more poetic, artistic or even dreamy way to interpret those mysterious planetary placements that make up the map of your soul (maybe the more “Neptunean,” “Piscean,” or “Watery” friends amongst us!)


Upcoming Inner Circle Astrologer, Cassandra Joan Butler, introduces a technique using “Sabian Symbols” that connects you with the magic of the Cosmos in an intuitive and nurturing way. It’s a fantastic episode if you’re looking for new ways to read the map of your soul (aka your astrological chart). ENJOY!


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