These 7 simple words could save your relationships

I am here, and I see you.” – Mark Borax

These 7 simple words have had a lasting effect on how I relate to others in my life…

…they disarm unnecessarily combative situations and create a softness that’s conducive to true communion with another. 

And they’re your official mantra for the upcoming Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius on February 22nd.  💕

I first heard Mark Borax share, “I am here, and I see you,” during our 2024 Forecast Event.

The words left a lasting effect on me.

Whether I’m talking to my daughters, my love, or with the Astrology Hub team, keeping this mantra as a blossoming seed in my heart has helped to dissolve situations that would have normally ended in conflict and disconnection and instead invited deeper levels of connection and understanding.

I would call that…very Aquarius.

Aquarius energy is all about accepting someone else's truth and authentic voice…

…and while I don’t always get it right (more on that below), this phrase helps me VALIDATE people's feelings, perspectives, and experiences in that quintessential Aquarian way.

The upcoming Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius offers a portal where you can break free from the traditional ways you engage in conflict and relationships and instead connect with the shared values and unique viewpoints of others.

Rather than divide from differences, this conjunction says you can CHOOSE to respect and connect. 🤝🏻

You don’t have to agree, but you can definitely hear and understand someone else’s perspective, and sometimes that’s all it takes to dissolve a situation that would leave you and your loved ones feeling disconnected, misunderstood and hurt. 

And in choosing that, you and the other person can work from an elevated place that Mark Borax calls “love power.” 💓

The Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius on February 22nd encourages you to embody your deepest truth while also holding space for the truth of others…so you can be in “right relationship” with yourself and others.

As Inner Circle: EXPAND Guide and Soul Astrologer, Mark Borax, illuminates in the latest Astrology Hub Podcast — Venus and Mars are giving us a glimpse into how to heal our relationships through embracing the true nature of our hearts. Love is a portal – the “whole universe opens, and the universe changes” through LOVE.

Mark is a refreshing and warm-hearted storyteller, especially around personal topics of intimacy and love. Hop into the Venus Conjunct Mars in Aquarius episode of The Astrology Hub Podcast to hear more.

In this episode, Mark and I also discuss how relationships are a very human experience.

Sometimes, I won't have the presence of mind to use “I am here, and I see you” as a resource.

And that's totally okay. 🫶🏽

This transit is all about authentic awareness around relationships. Even if you mess up. 

Dropping into feeling and not into fixing. Ourselves, or others.

So this week, I invite you to “try on” this mantra if you find yourself in conflict (or you can use another iteration I’ve used quite a bit that offers the same sentiment, “I hear you, and I understand)…

And watch the miracles unfold 💞

Thank you for reading this Insider today, I’m so grateful for you.

I hear you, and I see you ✨,

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