Is your life a little messy?

“You can't reach for anything new, if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk.” – Louise Smith

Do you ever find yourself holding onto something long after it's served its purpose?

Maybe it's a worn-out sweater, a dusty souvenir, a long-term relationship, or even an outdated belief. 🧥

I know I have a few of those… I spent almost all day yesterday sorting through them in my closet!

And if there's ONE astrologically aligned thing you can focus on this March, it's letting go of the old, so you can welcome in the new.

I'm not just talking about tangible things (although these are certainly great to focus on!)…

But just like your physical space, your inner world may also need a good cleaning. 🧹

Because here's the thing: the biggest breakthroughs come after we let go.

Old dreams need to be released for new visions to manifest.

Whether it's limiting beliefs, resentment, clutter in our spaces, or outdated versions of ourselves, releasing these things creates space for new possibilities to bloom.

We went deeper into why shedding and composting work is so important right now, during the March Forecast with Inner Circle: EXPAND Guides, Gemini Brett and Sheridan Semple.

We also covered why we’re “on the clock” with this! 🕰 With the ideal releasing, clearing and cleaning time being BEFORE the big, April 8 Total Solar Eclipse in Aries.

If you need some inspiration for any of this, I HIGHLY recommend Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”…

Or Marie’s series on Netflix called, Tidying Up (my daughters and I rewatched some episodes yesterday and it really helped us get in the mood to tackle our closets!)

And of course, we have you covered as well.

You can dive into the March Forecast episode of “The Astrology Hub Podcast” to hear more about WHY this is the ultimate cleaning, clearing and decluttering moment, and why doing this now will set you up for the powerful transformation available to you when we get to the Full Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8.

In this episode, we also covered the most significant transits of March and why there are abundant opportunities to let go of outdated patterns in your relationships, and why you don’t want to waste the visionary energies that will be especially highlighted for you in March:

One thing I know for sure…

…Holding onto what weighs you down limits your potential…

And 2024 is THE ULTIMATE YEAR to call back your power!

Especially with the Eclipse Portal about to open in just a few weeks…👀

I loved every second of the March Forecast episode because it inspired a significant reminder — learning astrology and aligning your focus and energy with the “cosmic choreography,” enables you to more elegantly dance with natural rhythms…

And in the process, become a brighter, clearer version of yourself everyday.

To support you on your journey, we’ve been preparing some powerful, free events where we’ll come together as a community to harness the “let go of the old, so we can bring in the new” eclipse energies.

What experiences would feel the most supportive and enlivening during this time? We’d love to hear from YOU! Simply email us at:

In the meantime…

Here’s to making space and “sparking joy”,


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