A Final Piece on Pluto in Aquarius

I know we’ve been talking about Pluto’s shift into Aquarius quite a bit…
But it’s really that big of a deal.

It’ll set in motion many global and personal shifts and we’ll be navigating its themes for the next 24 years!

Christopher is back on the Astrology Hub podcast this week with another brilliant installment to get you ready…

So you can use this awareness to make the most of the big changes ahead.

You can access Christopher’s brilliance via the Podcast here. 

The astrology is showing us that change is no longer on the horizon… it’s HERE! And we’re all being asked to lean into our lives in new ways. Are you feeling it?

It’s not just astrology singing the “change tune,” this is being picked up by people from different perspectives who are accessing different sources, but coming to the same conclusions.

And if you’d love multi-disciplinary support for navigating these changes and interested in things like accessing your inner wisdom thru the Akashic records, how to embody energy as a visionary leader, and how to tap into the invisible realms as a foundational tool on your path, you’ll love a free summit I am honored to speak at next week.

It’s called the Activate Your Higher Soul Frequency summit and it’s hosted by a beautiful woman from our community named Lumari, who I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many times!

Click here to reserve your free spot for this beautiful summit + online gathering. 

I’d love for you to tune into my talk at this event and get inspired by the other 8 wonderful individuals who are featured at this event as well.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week and thank you, as always, for allowing us to be a presence in your life.

With love,

P.S. You can access our free, featured content for this week here:

  1. Igniting Innovation: How the Pluto in Aquarius Transit Will Inspire Progress and Change w/ Christopher Renstrom
  2. Moon Magic: How to Connect With Our Wondrous Ally in the Sky w/ Rachel Lang (Coming January 10th)
  3. Activate Your Higher Soul Frequency summit

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