The Eclipse Portal Is OPEN!

It's that time of year, where we officially enter the “eclipse portal!” 🌒

Some astrologers refer to this as “entering the dragon”…(which for me has a dramatic, intriguing and somewhat terrifying connotation! 😬🐉)

Now, if the idea of an eclipse portal (or entering the dragon) is new for you, and you’re not sure what it means, let me start there…

We experience Lunar and Solar eclipses about twice per year. They often happen in pairs (on a zodiacal axis – this one being Libra and Aries), and they occur about 2 weeks apart from each other.

The eclipse portal includes the 2 weeks before the first eclipse, and the 2 weeks following the final eclipse, so it makes up a period of time that lasts about 6 weeks.

This month, we have a Lunar Eclipse happening in Libra on March 25th and then we’ll have the Full Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th (this one is getting A TON of hype, for good reason, which we’ll discuss a lot over the next few weeks) so we’re officially in the portal (or the dragon’s den), starting NOW.

Eclipse portals are known for bringing sudden endings and new beginnings. And time can feel dramatically accelerated or the opposite, dramatically slowed down…

Like you’re living a lifetime in the span of a few weeks.

And because this particular “eclipse portal” includes the power packed Aries Full Solar Eclipse on April 8th (we’ll be talking A LOT more about that over the next few weeks) it is on FIRE with opportunity for acceleration on your path. 🔥🔥🔥

And because eclipses can bring about sudden change, and we humans tend to resist this at all costs, even if there are things we’d love to change…

Eclipses have been feared for a very long time.

But it doesn’t have to be scary, and with awareness, intention and aligned action (or inaction), you can make the most of these fertile time periods to catapult you into deeper self awareness and greater expressions of who you really are. 

So… we’ve been busy little bees over here at Astrology Hub, making sure you have all of the support you need to navigate this time with grace. 🐝🐝🐝

Starting with a podcast episode from one of your favorite astrologers, Christopher Renstrom, that we just released today.

In this episode
, Christopher gives you all the details of how the first eclipse in the series on March 25, the Libra Lunar Eclipse affects EVERY SIGN.

And Christopher helps you answer these questions:

  • Am I on shaky ground in any relationships? Be honest with yourself about any imbalances or areas needing attention. 💔
  • Have I fulfilled my commitments or agreements? Libra is associated with contracts and partnerships, so consider any outstanding debts or promises weighing heavily. 📝
  • Have I been neglecting my health routine? The moon rules the body, so this eclipse might light areas where you must prioritize your well-being. 🏃‍♀️

Tune into this first installment of “eclipse portal” support here:

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In addition to Christophers latest podcast episode, we’ve also created an epic journey of transformation that you can participate in with us.

Today is the first day you can reserve your seat for the FREE, 2-week transformational journey called Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose

We’ve created this experience to help you navigate the trickiest parts of this particular eclipse portal with awareness and grace 🌕


The experience includes TWO live astrology panels featuring 8 of our expert Inner Circle astrologers, including today’s podcast guest and student favorite, Christopher Renstrom… 

And a whole host of supportive elements to help you truly embrace the opportunity this eclipse portal is offering to us all. 

As I mentioned before, it’s TOTALLY FREE. And if you can’t make the live sessions, you’ll get a replay if you’re registered! 


So as we look forward to a few weeks of rockin’ and rollin’ astrological tides, I invite you to line up as much support for yourself as possible… 

And if astrology is one of the tools you use to help you feel anchored in the storm, clear on your path, and connected to yourself and the universe itself…

We’ve got you covered. We’re going to be right here beside you, riding the waves and cheering you on. 🏄

Let’s create new realities together, 

💖 Amanda 


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