Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back?

There’s been a ton of MIC DROPS on all the recent Astrology Hub podcasts…🎤

BUT this quote from Astrologer Leslie Tagorda’s debut episode, shed light on a truth that hit me like a bolt of lightning:

“When you’re dismissing your natural talents and gifts, you’re essentially giving a big middle finger to the Universe.”

BAM! ⚡⚡⚡

It’s so interesting that this came up because…

I’ve been reminding our members in the Inner Circle how easy it is to dismiss your natural gifts and talents BECAUSE they come so easy to you! 🌟🔮

You may be naturally good at something and have this internal dialogue of, “That’s no big deal.. It’s easy for everyone, right?”

Think again! If you’ve had this thought before about something you’re good at… you may want to reconsider your conclusion.

Leslie’s quote struck a chord with me because I’ve definitely been guilty of this same thing…

For example, I was told how good I am at asking questions throughout my life.

I mean…I just ask the questions I want to ask. What’s the big deal? It’s easy. Right? 🔍

But because of how natural it was for me…

…I spent years downplaying my strengths at interviewing, dismissing my passion for asking questions as “having no value,” and underestimating the impact I could have on the world just by asking the questions that come naturally for me.  

It wasn’t until I found astrology that I could look at my chart and say:

“Okay, this is where my Chiron is. This is where I have imposter syndrome, and it’s ALSO what I’m naturally good at.” 🌱💫

And finally embracing this “what’s the big deal, everyone can do it” gift has changed the entire trajectory of my life! 🤯

On her debut episode of The Astrology Hub Podcast, talented branding astrologer and upcoming Inner Circle Guiddess, Leslie Tagorda and I delved into the fascinating world of this Chiron energy.

Chiron is a powerful archetype representing not only your “wounded healer” within, but also your “wounded leader!”

Understanding your Chiron gifts is a powerful component to healing and becoming the leader of your life, and this is especially relevant NOW because Chiron is so highlighted at the upcoming Full Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8.

In this episode, we also covered why Pluto in Aquarius will be an important era for collective leadership, how the North Node and Chiron “in orb” will help you appreciate your natural gifts, and how to stand in and step up into your potential: 

Dismissing or failing to recognize your own gifts doesn’t just do a disservice to you, but also to the people in the world who could benefit from your sharing.

Not sure what you may be dismissing?

Understanding your Chiron placement is one place to start, but you can also ask the people around you, “What do you think I’m good at? What do you see in me that makes me shine?” 🌟

Their answers might just surprise you and help you reconnect to the inner gifts you take for granted.

…This upcoming Eclipse Portal is offering such a powerful opportunity for you to fully claim and step into your gifts, so we’re preparing complimentary supportive guidance for you… Keep your eyes peeled for details! 👀

In the meantime, you have something unique and wonderful to share with the world…

It’s time to stop dismissing this and start embracing the luminous leader within!

Yours truly,

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