Simple isn’t always easy…

A few months ago I announced that our motto for the year at Astrology Hub is “simplify to amplify?” 

Well, we’re now almost 3 months into this, and I have to say that it’s been life changing… I feel more focused, energized and passionate about our work than ever before! 🔥💗💥

It’s been so impactful, that the idea of “simplify to amplify” has now crept its way into more facets of my life. I am…

🗓 “Simplifying to amplify” my calendar. Batching my tasks and time so I don’t have to “context switch” so many times throughout the day.

💪 “Simplifying to amplify” my diet. Focusing on the things that work for me and eliminating the rest so grocery shopping and meals are more streamlined and my health continues to improve.

🏡 “Simplifying to amplify” my home. Getting rid of anything we don’t use, need or that doesn’t “spark joy” as Marie Kondo says, so we can experience more peace and less clutter in our environment.

After recording the “composting board” podcast episode with Gemini Brett last week, I off-handedly mentioned this motto and was blown away when he said…

“That’s exactly what the opportunity during this Eclipse Portal is all about.” 

🤯 WOW!!! That is SO TRUE! 🤯

By letting go of what’s ready to be released around the South Node Lunar Eclipse on March 25, you’re SIMPLIFYING. 

And by aligning your intentions and visions with the North Node Solar Eclipse on April 8, you’re AMPLIFYING. 

This Eclipse Portal asks…are you ready to let go of what’s distracting and cluttering your space (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually), so you can focus on what you TRULY value and desire? 🌙 

These themes will be potent for the next couple of weeks and a huge part of our FREE 2-week eclipse journey, Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose. 

This guided journey is designed to help you understand the critical eclipse energies, learn how to decode them in your chart, and truly let go of what’s no longer serving you, so you can boldly step in the direction of your dreams.

The first official Eclipse Pathway to Purpose event starts this week, on March 22.

It’ll be an Opening Ceremony & Eclipse Forecast Panel featuring Christopher Renstrom, Celeste Brooks, Jamie Magee, AstroLada and Mark Borax… this one is NOT to be missed!

Most of the juicy support we’re offering will be within Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose, but we’re also releasing a few episodes on the podcast to enrich your experience during this potent time.

In our latest Astrology Hub podcast episode, upcoming Inner Circle Guiddess, Celeste Brooks, gives you all the details of how to unleash the Moon’s magic and unlock hidden wisdom with everyday rituals inspired by the Moon. Perfect work to do during the Eclipse portal! 💫

She also gives a sneak peek into her Mastery Class Teaching on Secondary Progressions that both future and current Inner Circle: EXPAND students will get access to very SOON!

It’s a great episode I think you’ll really enjoy…

Now, I know that “simplifying” isn’t always “easy”…

But that’s exactly why we’re ramping up the support during this time.

We have an astrologically “rockin’ and rollin'” few weeks ahead…

And I’m grateful we get to be a part of your journey in any way.

With love,
💖 Amanda


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