Standing on the shoulders of giants

They practiced when they could be persecuted for it…

When it was “disreputable” and scoffed at by any “legitimate” member of society.

They followed their calling despite being outcast and ridiculed…

They shared it before it was “trending on TikTok,” or it was known that they advised celebrities, politicians and royalty…

When media had to, by law, present them as “entertainers” and make these dignified individuals look ridiculous.

Many sacrificed their lives for their sincere belief that it could help humanity…

Others were thrown in jail for their practice of it…

And they dedicated their lives to keeping it alive so future generations (that’s US) could benefit from its wisdom.

Of course, I’m talking about Astrology…

And the courageous individuals who’ve come before us – who studied, wrote, practiced, and taught Astrology on the fringes of society, in dark underground parlors, and through dangerous times when they were killed or jailed because of it.

I’m referring to the shoulders of astrological giants, upon which we ALL stand.

It was only in 1989 that Astrology became legal in most states. Can you believe it?!? That is WITHIN my lifetime (and maybe yours, too!)…

It’s because of bold, brave individuals that we can indulge our passion for Astrology, the study of light, IN THE LIGHT!

And here’s the really amazing thing…

Last week, you made one of the “astrological giants” who is still living today, reach what she calls the “pinnacle of her career”…

You touched the heart of a woman who has devoted herself to preserving the ancient wisdom of astrological medicine (and who is taking it to new heights)

And with the help of this community, you helped her accomplish something she only dreamed about, in her decades as an author.

Together we helped Medical Astrologer Judith Hill, attain #1 Best Seller status in the Astrology category via Amazon, for her latest book, The Twelve Zodiac Sign Syndromes of Medical Astrology!!!

For this, Judith, her team, and all of us here at Astrology Hub are over the moon with gratitude. 🌙🙏💖

Here’s the screenshot Judith sent me of the #1 Best Seller status, along with an email full of gratitude and enthusiasm for this community:

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On a podcast episode we did a few years ago, Judith told me a story about 2 little old ladies in her town getting hauled off to jail with their astrology books, and how she had to cower in fear that she may be taken away as well…

And today, because of the brave and unpopular dedication to her truth, people are benefitting from her wisdom all over the world.

It’s because of the sacrifices people like Judith made, many of whom we get to engage with on this platform, like Rick Merlin Levine, Georgia Stathis, Christopher Renstrom, Barbara Hand-Clow, Michael Erlewine, Henry Seltzer, and THEIR teachers, that WE get to do what we do today!

That we can be open and honest about our love of this ancient art and science…

That we can help ourselves and those in our lives with its wisdom without fear of persecution…

And that we can even create a living that supports ourselves and our families with the practice of this craft.

I'm eternally grateful for these astrological legends.

And this is the type of energy, the kind that boldly stands in authentic truth despite what others think or say, that's supported and encouraged with Thursday's Full Moon in Sagittarius.

We are being asked to break through the restrictions we've placed upon ourselves, bust through the boxes we've placed ourselves in (or that we feel society has us in), question the status quo, and embrace who we are.

People who do this inspire me. And people like you, who make it possible for us to support and give back to these great astrologers, inspire me too.

So thank you for helping us catapult Judith to the stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

For allowing her to receive back, that which she has given so freely, for so many years…

And for following YOUR curiosity and authenticity, in the search for truth, meaning and fulfillment.

In gratitude,


P.S.  It’s not too late to pick up a copy of Judith’s book (and it looks like she could use some reviews too! If you love the book as much as I do, please leave her a review so even more people can benefit from it)! Even if you don’t need it now, it’s one to have on the bookshelf for any time you may need a new perspective on how you can support your health.

P.P.S. Even though our Shooting Star Flash Sale on Judith’s workshop is over, we decided to extend a 20% ongoing discount for our Podcast and Cosmic Insider subscribers. You can still get a great deal on the workshop and Q&A, and it’s the perfect compliment to the book! It will REALLY help you  bring the content in the book to life.

Click here to get the workshop for 20% off now with code: HEALING20.

P.P.P.S. And if funds are tight right now, you can still support Judith’s work (and benefit greatly!) by tuning into the many free podcast episodes we’ve done featuring Judith! We made a playlist for you for all of our Judith Hill episodes and also included Medical Astrology episodes we did with some of her top students like Cameron Allen and Mychal Bryan as well!

Click here to access the playlist →

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