Deep Nourishment

We just had Mother’s Day in the states, and it has me reflecting on mothering in all of its forms…

My Gemini Moon just LOVES decoding the meaning of words… and Mother is a fascinating one for me. The word “Mother” and the word “Matter” are etymologically related. Both words trace back to the Latin word “mater,” which means “mother” or “source.” 

This linguistic connection reflects the historical association between mothers and the source or substance of life. How cool is that? 

Mother = the source or substance of life 💖

In this way, we are ALL mothers. We ALL bring things from the unseen realms through our being, and into “matter.” We “give life” to projects, ideas, visions, friendship, homes, family, experiences…

One of the greatest gifts astrology has given me, a gift that I’m eternally grateful for, is the insights it’s given me on how to mother my two very distinct daughters…

Understanding their astrological charts in even the most basic ways has helped me respond to their different emotional needs, support and encourage their strengths, even allow them to decorate their rooms in the way that best reflects their unique design!

But the one link that hasn’t always been as clear for me, is how astrology can help me support their physical health. 

This has always been one area of mothering that I’ve felt less confident in. I remember countless times watching my (mostly Virgo) friends bustle around, knowing exactly how to respond to their children’s bumps, bruises, and fevers in the most natural and innate way. 

I, on the other hand, often felt like a deer in headlights when it came to responding to my children’s sickness or injuries!

And I’ve always yearned for a greater sense of empowerment in this arena. 

This is why I was thrilled to have the foremost authority on Medical Astrology, Judith Hill, on the podcast with me this week

I walked away from our conversation in absolute awe of the link between our zodiac signs and our physical health – our body’s strengths, vulnerabilities and how we can use this information to treat and optimize our health…

And how I can better mother my daughters, myself, and those I love through this infinitely potent tool of astrology. 

You are one of those people! So I’m thrilled to share this episode with you. 

🎧 Tune in on your preferred platform:

If you have any nagging or mysterious dis-ease happening in your body, or if you know anyone else who does, I think you’re going to find this episode fascinating AND helpful.

If it piques your curiosity the way it has mine, you’re invited to go even deeper with this approach through Judith’s most recently published book and the accompanying workshop she taught for us (which we’ve put on a 33% off  “Shooting Star Flash Sale” for you through Wednesday of this week). 

The book and the workshop compliment each other beautifully – I’ve picked up things from the workshop that weren’t included in the book and vice versa!

This is the magic of astrology – it’s not just about distant stars; it’s about using their influence to make real, positive changes in our lives. 

After all, when we care for ourselves, we have more to give to the people we love. So, the biggest question for you this Taurus season is…

…Are you treating yourself with the same love and care you’d give someone special? ❤️

And I’m curious to hear about your favorite self care rituals – especially how these relate to your sun, moon or rising sign! Hit reply and let me know! 💌

All my best,


P.S. Curious to learn more about MEDICAL ASTROLOGY? Did you know your astrological chart isn’t just a guide to your purpose; it’s also a map to your optimal health? Your Sun Sign is a great starting point to understand what makes you tick (and stay healthy!). 

Medical astrologer Judith Hill (the world’s best, by the way!) offers a fantastic workshop that explores health through the lens of your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. It’s packed with info you can use to optimize your well-being and the well-being of those you love.

Bonus Alert! Right now, save 33% on Judith’s “12 Zodiac Signs in Medical Astrology Workshop and Live Q&A” during our Medical Astrology Shooting Star Flash Sale – but hurry, this offer ends WEDNESDAY!

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