How Uranus in 2020 Foreshadows the Biggest Astrological Event of 2021…

A Conversation with “the Merlin Astrologer” Rick Levine


What do we do when Uranus strikes? 

Why, surrender to an opportunity for rapid transformation, of course! The astrological event that kicked off in April 2020 is the beginning of the most significant astrological event of 2021. 

Discover how Uranus will impact all of our lives with Rick Levine, “the Merlin Astrologer.”


Amanda: Rick, I know April 25th and 26th, 2020 was a big weekend that informs 2021. Can we give our audience some insight?


Rick: Yes, it’s a Uranian surprise because that's what Uranus is all about! 

It was a big weekend. We were just coming off the New Moon conjunct Uranus, meaning the Moon itself was only a few degrees away. 

The New Moon was at three degrees of Taurus, which meant the Sun and Moon were at three degrees of Taurus, and Uranus is about six and a half degrees of Taurus. 

Since the Moon travels one degree every two hours, that means that six hours after the New Moon, the Moon was already lining up with Taurus.

The key to understanding why this was such a big weekend is that the Moon moved from its square to Saturn, to the New Moon, to the conjunction to Uranus in a few hours… Which brings into focus the main event of 2021…  Saturn squaring Uranus. 

I said that the biggest event in 2019 would be the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th of 2020. 

Well, the big event of 2021 is going to be Saturn. The planet of boundaries and restraints, squaring Uranus, the planet of “What boundaries, what restraints?”

We're getting some of this right now because this New Moon conjuncting Uranus is exploding those boundaries and constraints. 

The Moon was already in Gemini. Venus was previously in Gemini. They were ahead of the Sun, but the Sun started moving toward Uranus and then caught up with Uranus. 

The Sun Uranus conjunction was at 5:00 AM Eastern time. The Sun lines up with Uranus once every year and we feel it for a day or two or three.

But this year is different for a lot of reasons. And that's why it's such a big question for us… 

That 2021 conjunction – when does that happen? 

Well, when Saturn moved into Aquarius last month it already came into range with Uranus at five degrees of Taurus. Aquarius: fixed sign, Taurus: fixed sign. And so we're about five degrees away from it being exact.

It's buzzing, but Saturn doesn't get more than four degrees away from the exactness and then it turns retrograde and goes back into Capricorn. So it pushes exactly the actual conjunction. This happens three times next year. The dates don't matter yet. 

What matters is that in 2021, basically January through November, that's going to be the repetitive factor throughout the year. 

April 25/26, 2020 and this New Moon is a bit of cosmic foreshadowing, if you will. 

If this was a play written by Shakespeare, it would be act one and we would be getting hints what was going to be happening in act three.


Amanda: So things that are happening in the world and in our personal lives are foreshadowing a bigger, longer story that's playing out. What kind of energy are we looking at?


Rick: Well, let's start with the planet Uranus. Uranus is my favorite planet. It's the planet of lightning. Uranus is electrical. And electric circuits are either on or off – it's all or nothing. 

Uranus is the quantum planet, and my consistent work over the decades has been what I call Quantum Astrology, which has to do with the microcosm and the macrocosm being connected.

On the microcosm, we know quantum physics. I believe that those same things occurring at the microcosm occur on the macrocosm.

On my Instagram account, I posted a story that was a picture of lightning and it says, “You can predict lightning, but you can't predict the moment it's gonna occur and you can't predict where it's going to occur.”

You hear this line when astrologers talk about Uranus. Something unexpected is going to happen. 

This is the paradox of quantum physics and it's the paradox of Uranus because Uranus only has one job. 

Every planet has a mission statement and a job from the creator. It's to instantaneously resolve things that can't be resolved. 

But here's how lightning works. You have a warm wet air mass and air particles have electrical charge. 

When you have moist air that is moving, that air generates what's called a negative charge. 

Warm and wet makes negative ionization like the seashore, the waterfall, the shower, the murmuring brook, the negative ions that feel good.

And along comes this cold front or this dry air. These two fronts come together and say “Okay, let's talk about it. Let's work it out.” 

But the more the two fronts try to work it out, the more they rub up against each other, and the greater the charge becomes. 

There are issues like that in our lives that may be the reason why we finally quit a job or tell our parents that we can't be there or end a relationship, or whatever it may be. It often feels sudden – lightning strikes out of the blue. 

I didn't even know that something was wrong, then all of a sudden my whole life changes because something strikes.

So here we have the planet Uranus which is releasing tension. Compression is a conjunction astrologically. It's when two planets come together. When two planets are in opposition, they're pulled apart like a tug of war. That's tension. Tension creates a pull in two directions and it eventually reaches a breaking point or a point of resolution. 

There's no way to resolve irresolvable tensions, but Uranus comes in and says, “I don't give a crap.” Bam. The lightning strikes. And if the forest has to burn down, if Yellowstone park is burned to the ground as a result of the lightning strike, Uranus doesn’t care.

Uranus says, “I don't have to worry about what happens afterwards. All I need to do is to resolve the tension in the moment.” Bam. Lightning strikes. 

You can expect the unexpected. 

If we're living our life to our fullest capability and expressing everything inside, on the outside. If there's no tension, if we're living the life of a Yogi, of a highly realized person, of a person who has every facet of their life just running like clockwork – well then there’s no tension to resolve. 

I want to meet this person, by the way. No, actually I want to be that person!

I remember in my life going back to the mid-eighties. I was living in Los Angeles. I was working in downtown LA. I'll save you all the gory details… But I had a happy marriage, a daughter, a job, two cars. I mean, I was living the life.

However, I was not doing any astrology. I was not writing any poetry. I was not playing any music. I became detached from myself to hang on to some illusion.

I was one of the Venice beach roller skaters. I skated five days a week. I never wore any kind of knee protection. I didn't have to, I never fell…

Well, one day I fell. And it basically tumbled me into a prolonged near death experience where I had tetany. I had blood poisoning and several operations on my hand where there was a puncture wound and it totally, completely stopped my old life. At that moment, that was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I never thought I would recover my life back. However, as I look back at it, it was during that time I was forced to not do anything. And so out of the garage came some astrology boxes, which I'd tucked away because it didn't fit into my existence at that moment. 

Out came my music and my poetry and it was the shock of Uranus saying, “You know what, Levine, you screwed up. You're not in control. I'm taking over.”

That's how Uranus works. It feels like an act of fate. It feels like something happened to us.

And what do we do with that in our life? What are we going to do? 

There's basically two ways you can react when the lightning strikes, when the light bulb goes off and we get new information, or see something we didn't see.

We go further into denial or we give our old shit up. 

Uranus is the great awakener. Rather than getting angry, resentful, closing down, stealing up, and trying to build a bigger wall – Uranus will only make bigger lightning.

Uranus (all the outer planets) does not take no for an answer. Why? Because physically it's like cosmic radiation going right through earth. Our lives don't matter. Uranus, his only job is to set the stage and to even things out. 

Resistance is futile. This is our mantra during this time.

So April 2020 is really just the opening to a much deeper, larger, and wider issue.

How do you awaken another notch? 


Amanda: Unbelievable. So Uranus, the great awakener, takes seemingly opposing and irreconcilable forces and blows it up so that we can see things differently.

The energy for April 2020 foreshadows the year of 2021 and gives us lots of amazing things to think about… This Uranian energy opens your eyes and breathes. 

Deep breath, everybody. Eyes open and breathe. We got this. 


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