Why The Return of the Divine Feminine Is So Important Right Now

Elizabeth Wilcock’s incredible story of the spirit world, martial arts, and blazing her own trail in masculine spaces


There is A LOT of talk about the return of the divine feminine right now, with the earth beginning to heal from human inactivity and major disruption to hypermasculine structures. 

What can we do to usher her energies in? 

Astrology Hub invited Elizabeth Wilcock, the creator of The Priestess Path Lineages of Light, to explore this question with you. 

Elizabeth has trained with masters and grandmasters for many years in mystic wisdom. She has five black belts in Kung Fu and has owned and operated five martial art and Qigong schools, training thousands of students. 

Her mission is to help protect and preserve sacred wisdom and offers The Priestess Path training to empower feminine leaders throughout the world. 


Amanda: Elizabeth, tell us a little bit of your story and how you started getting into this work. You could start with how you felt as a little girl, because I know a lot of the people in our audience will be able to relate. 


Elizabeth: When I was a little girl, I was seeing spirits and I was experiencing telekinesis, which is also called psychokinesis. I was falling into trances and having experiences in the spirit world. 

I grew up being able to see auras. I could hear people's thoughts. This was normal for me. 

As I grew a little older, I realized that nobody else was really having these experiences. The neat thing was that when I would tell my mother, she wouldn't deny the existence of a spirit world. She would ask me, “What were they wearing? What did they look like?”

We identified a couple of them as our deceased relatives and we identified a couple of them as the deceased spirits that used to live in the houses that we were in.

Around age 14, these experiences got stronger and stronger. 

The telekinesis got stranger. One of the defining moments was when three butter dishes that had been stacked on top of each other flew across the kitchen about 10 feet and broke on the kitchen floor in symmetrical patterns. 

And while the radio that I had been listening to, you know, went completely fuzzy, I was home alone and I got really scared and I got down on my knees at that moment and I prayed for everything to go away. It was too much for me. 

And what happened was, in about six months, I imploded upon myself. I became bulimic and it became very severe. At one point I was hospitalized when I was 17, and when I got out of the hospital, I was worse.

I had this illness and I went off to college and it got worse and worse. And finally, I got really scared and I prayed again and I said, I need to know how to heal the soul. 

I had been introduced about six months earlier to shamanism through a book called Shamanism. And upon reading that book, I knew I had found my soul family. But this was way back in 1988. The internet wasn't around and you couldn't get on a plane, you know, and go down to South America and train with a shaman like you can nowadays. 

I had this deep, deep yearning to be initiated into the sacred mysteries, a deep yearning to be with people that also could see into the spirit world. And the people that were mastering that ability – the shamans, the medicine men and women, the priestesses.

Then at age 18, I was able to connect to the foundation for shamanic studies. I began training in shamanic wisdom. It was about a year into my practice of shamanism that I was gifted a miraculous healing from the spirits of bulimia. 

I quit college and I dedicated myself to the mystic path. I was seeking out masters and grandmasters, seeking out lineages. I formally apprenticed under three or four lineages.

I forged my own trail essentially because there wasn't a temple available to me. 

There were no wise, you know, men or women when I really, really needed it. A big part of that was my time in the martial arts. 

That's when I was initiated by masters and grandmasters of real martial art lineages and handed down very, very ancient and sacred lineage teachings of movement, of spirituality, and of holding and curating temple space – which is the dojo. 

So there came a time in my life when it was time for me to carry my school, to take all of that wisdom and information that had blessed me and to put that into a program to give back to people.


Amanda: So let's talk about the divine feminine. A lot of your training was in masculine lineages. I don't know if the lineage itself is masculine or feminine, but you saw a need to bring a feminine essence to the type of work that you were doing. Can you talk about that?


Elizabeth: I had that deep yearning when I was 14 to be initiated by a woman. I had a picture in my mind of this wise woman who was trained in yoga and knew about all these mysteries of the female body and she was wise and could just help me to turn into a woman.

Well, that really never happened.

And when I sought out the sacred wisdom, I mostly found lineages that were held by men. And that was just the way that it was. 

A lot of the movements are clearly very masculine. Especially in the martial arts, you're punching and you're thinking about hurting people, you know – these types of things. 

I'm collapsing somebody's throat right there, you know? So there's a lot of this very masculine warring type energy, which is wonderful.

But then you have Qigong and the Taoist arts and inside of those arts, you can start to find some of the feminine teachings hidden way back.

I did discover a lineage that was carried by women that had a lot to do with female sexual cultivation, which is a staple in the qigong lineages, cultivating your life force and your vitality. In finding that I just knew at a certain point in time that I had to cultivate my feminine energy. 

And there was a time, after being in the masculine lineages for so long, that I had gotten the message from the goddess and she literally said: 

“You have to leave or I die within you.” 

That was loud and clear. It rang through my consciousness and I knew what she meant. 

And then I also knew that a big part of my Dharma, my service, and my work was going to be helping women, initiating women and keeping the memory alive of these more feminine, nourishing energies and programs. 

When I was visited by the Goddess, she literally told me that the earth is suffering from a lack of nourishment of the divine feminine. The animals are suffering and the earth is suffering and the children are suffering and the women are suffering and the men are suffering from the absence of the more exalted divine essence of the feminine. 

I was asked to help to bring that back. 

What is the divine feminine? The way I see it is, it's the vibrations.

It is aligning with and channeling through ourselves first, the higher vibrational essence of the feminine. We don't have a lot of women holding those spaces.

There used to be a time when temples to the goddess flourished, like in Egypt, the temples to Hathor and Isis. They were the most beautiful buildings in the city. And during that time, women could hold religious office as a priestess and as a high priestess.

And so for many of us, especially Western women, we don't have a lineage. And if it is around, it's been underground for a very, very long time.

We're reclaiming that we're building that. I think it's a very sacred call for those of us that have received it.

We have a window of opportunity right now on the planet. We're bringing that back. 


Amanda: Elizabeth, why do you think right now is specifically a time in which we need to bring it back?


Elizabeth: The earth is suffering. It's critical that somebody puts a stake in the ground and says, 

“Enough is enough. This ground is sacred, this body is sacred, this earth is sacred, the animals are sacred. And we ask that you respect it and we are making a sacred stand.” 

The dark forces have reached a critical level where if we don't put a stake in the ground and stop it, then the oppression – it becomes a prison planet essentially. So we just can't let that happen. 


Amanda: So for people feeling the call to do something and make a stand, that it's like, “Yes, I want to be a part of that movement of making a stand.” What would you recommend? 


Elizabeth: Start right where you are, number one. And by taking a look at your life and how you can let go of things that are harmful or destructive to the earth. 

If you are making a product, how can you harmonize that product where you're either using all recyclable materials or you're not using any more plastics. Or if you are using plastics, you switched to compostable plastics because all that exists…

And then you can look around you just in your own plot of land, your own town. Is there something that you can do to help protect and preserve the earth and the animals around you? 

It's really just rethinking how we exist here. Is it in harmony with the earth? Is it in harmony with the next seven generations? 

Having a vision of the eternal and keeping that vision, keeping that alignment with the eternal, there's a greater reality. It's really important to stay aligned with a greater vision. 

Number two, there is a greater going on here. There is a meta-reality going on here. We are spirit beings in bodies.

I believe planet earth is a proving ground. I believe it's where spiritual warriors earn their other golden light body. That's how I see this and these big challenges. 

And we're going through a world challenge right now. These big challenges are a big part of our spiritual cultivation and our spiritual maturation. 

So part of it is getting a larger vision, holding space for what's going on right now and knowing that it's going to change and seeing it from a more eternal point of view, seeing it from the point of view of being an eternal soul on an eternal timeline where this earth life is a choice of how you go through your lessons.

Do you remain loving and helpful in times of deep stress when everything is falling apart?

We all have an opportunity as eternal spiritual beings to step into our ascended body, if you will, to be a blessing to help people out.


Amanda: You know, one of the things I've been noticing is that there's fear showing up in a lot of different ways for people. 

When we're experiencing infighting, you know, like maybe you don't agree with the way your family member is seeing it – maybe you don't agree with the way people are taking the stressors and how they're acting. But that is, in this time, such an opportunity to say internally: 

“I may not agree with the way you see this. I may not agree with your conclusions. I may not agree with your fear, whatever it is, but can I love you through it?

Can I hold space for you? Can I listen to you? Do I need to agree? Why do I need to agree or not agree? Can I just love you either way?” And I think that's a high calling for a lot of us right now. 

Elizabeth: It's really important to honor where people are at.

When we went to the bank yesterday, they didn't want anybody closer than six feet. So you actually have to stand six feet. You know, I honor that. There's no reason for me to push that level of social distancing. Right? 

But also you want to maintain your sovereignty with your beliefs and your alignments. So I personally am not afraid. I see a bigger picture going on and I've always been a systems buster. I've never been in the system. 

But a lot of those structures right now clearly have come to a screeching halt. Definitely I'm concerned for people who have livelihoods and careers that are in the restaurant business or businesses where you don't make money unless you actually go somewhere.

We're all in this together on a planetary level. So you know, even if all of those structures fell – well, you know what? 

We have an amazing opportunity to pop back up with structures that are harmonious with the planet.

We can do it. We're resilient and the entire planet will do it if that is where we're going. Like, do we really need factory farming? No. So that really should change…

And so I just say, “Let go with a flow.” Like if anybody's feeling really scared or really rigid or white-knuckling,  just take a deep breath, let go. Allow yourself to take care of yourself, do yoga, go for a nice walk outside. Just allow yourself to enjoy. 

Because I truly believe that this thing is going to restructure itself into something even better. 

The cabal, the negative, dark patriarchy that's been raping and pillaging the planet and creating a slave race, essentially, they're losing some of their power.

And in the rise of the divine feminine, those structures must eventually go. 


Amanda: So many of the things that you just said are confirmed by the astrology of the time. 

You talked about changing of the regime with a changing of the guard, which many of the astrologers in our 2020 Forecast Event look to astrology to draw the same conclusion. And this was before anything, you know, any storyline had begun to unfold, at least in our awareness.


Elizabeth: Women have a window of opportunity right now in society, in the West, where we can do anything. 

You put your stake in the ground and you just do it – bring the temple back. 

So that's what I did. I said, “Well, what do I want to do? Well, I want to be in these energies all the time. I want to do ceremony, I want to do my sacred movement. And then that's what I want to teach people. I want to teach people the things that I'm most passionate about, that I'm most interested in. That's my temple.”

And so for those women who have done that, or for those women who are now doing that, they're spending the time, they're taking the time as the student receiving the wisdom.

Because I truly believe you need to have properly gone through being a student before you can be the teacher. I don't feel it's responsible for somebody to just show up and say, “I teach this stuff.” 

I do acknowledge that there is soul-knowing and that we do come in with certain things. And so there's always that and it's important that as we're establishing these things that they're established with responsibility and integrity…

So the temples can come back. 



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