Finding Safety in Uncertainty 

A Conversation with Astrologer Cameron Allen


What is actually keeping you together? Can you adapt and stay flexible in this time of not knowing? Can you get connected to the process of grieving? 

Astrologer Cameron Allen says these are the questions that we are invited to sit with. Astrology Hub invited him to speak about finding safety in the uncertainty… and tuning your energy into what matters most.


Amanda: I’d love to start with the things you talked about in the 2020 Forecast Event. 

You named your talk, 2020 Is The Year IT Happened.

Can you talk to us a little bit about why you said that, and your process around naming that?


Cameron: Yeah, definitely. Stepping back from my personal process, I would just be in my meditative space and I was getting this message of the continuity of time and how past, present, future, are all connected. 

So me bringing me, bringing that intuition to the world, it just felt like the year it happened. Things had already happened to make it happen, and things are going to happen because it happened. 

So that's a little description of it. Even though it feels very nonlinear to me. 


Amanda: One of the other things you said during that event was not only would we need to become comfortable with uncertainty, but that we would actually need to get to a place where we feel safe in uncertainty.


Cameron: Yes. In Evolutionary Astrology, the North Node is a perceived projection of moving forward. The Moon represents our emotional identity, and Cancer is about emotional security.

So if we're referring to the North Node in Cancer, and how fast that Moon is moving, most people are going to want a feeling of certainty.

And if you're projecting out some sense of safety from the past, South Node in Capricorn – the way that things were structured – then it's going to bring up a deep sense of uncomfortability. 

So with that awareness, we can move forward and just say, I emotionally identify with what is happening right now in this moment. And I don't necessarily know what's happening moving forward. 

Then we can create security from within, instead of projecting out safety from something that we think might happen when things are being destructed, destructive, and deconstructed back in Capricorn with the South Node.


Amanda: Cameron, I had such a download about that same exact idea today because part of what I've noticed is that this need to know or understand is a trap. 

If we are attaching ourselves to some story that's helping us make sense of everything that's happening, it can just be a trap, if we cling to it. 

Because then when the world starts to reflect something different, that throws us off.

The more I contemplate this, the more I just focus on the present moment, the more I realize we are shifting from the focus on being productive to a focus on being internal.

Capricorn, after all… is a feminine sign!


Cameron: The true meaning of life, productivity, finding ourselves, having an ambition… is to find who we are in the Great Work, and there's so many different interpretations on what the Great Work is.

I actually spent one whole month of my life looking through different alchemical texts and finding what the Great Work is, which is called the Magnum Opus and understanding that we are greater than our sense of lowercase S self – in that we are a capital S Self – and we're all in it together. 

We're all one, even though we all are definitely having very different experiences in this process. 

There are people who have or feel comfortable and they're getting taught how to have downtime. Then there are other people who are losing their businesses and family members. 


Amanda: It’s so important! I’m also noticing that whatever people are afraid of, that seems to be playing out. 

For some people, it's the fear of losing their work and their income. For some people, it's losing freedom of time and space. For some, it's losing autonomy, and the ability to make their own decisions.

On every level, it's this fear that's inside of us that puts the power outside of us. It puts our happiness outside of us. This is being able to get to the point where we are not at the mercy of any of those tides. This is mastery work and it’s not easy. 

The fact that it's not easy, and the fact that all of this is in Saturn and Capricorn and with Pluto there, the invitation is on so many levels. 

I've just been paying attention to the judgment around whose fear is right or wrong. Does it matter? 


Cameron: Everything you're saying is just hitting so many points in my mind and what I've been reflecting on. 

Natural guilt actually corresponds to Capricorn in Evolutionary Astrology because it is about judgments and what forms judgments in our reality. 

In Numerology, we're in a 4 year because it's 2020. The 4 year is the neutral mind that's non-discriminating. It's flexible and it can see all sides and angles of it. In its negative aspect it is judgmental, rigid, and intellectualizing things too much. 

So just knowing that in and of itself, we can move forward in such a more harmonious way. We don’t have to listen to the news because it’s all like this is happening today, then it’s different tomorrow.

The truth is that I don't know right now and the more I can stay in that space the better; I can adapt, be flexible and move with the changing times.


Amanda: Probably the Truth that we're talking about with a capital T is far bigger than any circumstances playing out on this planet right now. 

A few months ago, an astrologer named Adam Sommer brought Pluto up as an energy of going into the underworld, then rebirth… this whole alchemical process. He highlighted the word purification.

And something you said earlier about guilt feels really important. Just acknowledging the guilt, you're already starting to purify and remove yourself from the entanglement of that thing. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. 


Cameron: I was talking about putrefaction, which is one of the processes of fermentation. 

But what we get from the purification is really spirit. That's what we get from it. So that is the putrefaction, highlighting the rotting and the dying of things, that's one way to look at it. 

But if we understand that process, really what's happening is we're being left with just pure spirit and the things that weren't needed and necessary, they go away. 

So you know that's going to happen with our psyche. 

Or even taking a step back and thinking about Saturn and integrity; What does our integrity need to look like? Maybe the structure of that is changing. Our identities are crystallized and now that we're moving forward into the unknown, we don't know that that's necessarily us anymore. 

So Saturn is still about adaptability. 

If things are too rigid, they don't work. Everything has to bend and sway. Even trees that are strongest and the tallest, they sway like crazy. And that's how they keep their structure. 

They have integrity, but they can still sway with the changing of things and the changing of time. 


Amanda: That imagery reminds me of nature, and one of the things that's really standing out for me is how much we can learn from nature right now… 

We can learn so much from natural processes and what nature tells us about life and death and how we're a part of that. We're not separate from that. We are it. 


Cameron: Yeah, and we can connect back to nature by spending time out in nature, but also connecting to the realization that we are nature. 

I've said this to some people and they've found it to be an unpopular opinion, but what have we been doing with the rain forest and the lungs of the planet? 

The lungs of the planet have been being destroyed. And now we as humans, which are cells essentially in the greater understanding of what planet earth is, we have respiratory issues. 

So just this connecting back to the truth that we and Earth are one the same. We belong together.


Amanda: I was on a walk recently, and I was looking at the moon and noticing how it's reflecting the sun's light and how even in the darkest of nights, when we don't see the moon, the light of the stars is even brighter. 

The light is always there. It's always there. 

And then I was watching how the whole world was waking up with the sunrise and how the light just floods everything all the time, so even when it feels dark, even when it feels hopeless, it's never hopeless. 


Cameron: Saturn and Mars are now in Aquarius, and Saturn's going back into Capricorn. 

Capricorn would be the actual grieving process. Also, Aquarius in Evolutionary Astrology can correspond to feelings of fragmentation or trauma. It's happening. People feel trauma. 

So we're going to have time to go back into Capricorn to continue in our grieving process, right? That way we can liberate and break free from whatever it is that we're needing to grieve from.

That's something that has just been super important. 

And then I've been looking at the actual grieving phases, there's five. The first one is denial, the second one is anger, the third one is bargaining, the fourth one is depression, and the last one is acceptance. 


Amanda: Everything you just said there is very important. I was wondering this weekend, why did the universe set it up so that we are in Saturn and Capricorn, and then we have a taste of Saturn and Aquarius, and then we go back to Saturn and Capricorn before we land in Saturn Aquarius?

That's how it's working, right? I was wondering why, I mean, it's never to punish us, there's always this invitation. But what you just said holds a huge key to that question of why? 


Cameron: To allow ourselves to grieve through this time – to allow ourselves to feel the pain because that's real. If you do allow yourself to feel it, you will actually get to benefit from the gifts of it. 

The invitation of Saturn and Capricorn is to really get connected with that process of grieving. 

When we move back into Saturn Aquarius again, that’s the invitation to freedom. It’s liberation.

If I lose someone and I grieved that, I feel liberated from the grief and also I feel liberated because that's the process of life. 

We can break free from the way that we thought things should be, the way that they were crystallized. So that's what it is – liberation from all those things. The things that potentially were keeping us together. And it's like, well that wasn't keeping us together because now that we don't have it, we're not together. 

I have to grieve and let go of those things that I thought were keeping me together so that I can liberate and have this elevated perspective, which is totally Aquarian, and then move forward with that – with that new elevated perspective and objectivity.


Amanda: So what actually is keeping me together? 

Really, really powerful contemplation right there for everyone. 


Cameron: In Evolutionary Astrology, patriarchal energy and conditioning corresponds to Capricorn. 

So in these times, people are thinking that their truth is right. That's such a big thing right now. Where is your power in it? What are you projecting power out onto other people? Because that's what patriarchal energy is. 

So we have to be mindful of where we're placing our power. Is it internal, or are we projecting it out?

It shows how much we don't feel like we're in control. 


Amanda: For the most part, the fear projections are the ones going out into the future. 

I've heard people holding visions for the outcome of this and I continue to come back to the power of our imagination. In many ways, we've allowed it to be hijacked by other people's visions of what the future looks like. 

We are participating in that process. It is so important to extricate ourselves from the things that aren't really ours and to be aware of what is and isn't ours to carry forward into a new vision.


Cameron: Just knowing who we are in each moment is what's most important.



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