Thank You, Astrology Lover 💖

[Cosmic Insider] Thank You, Astrology Lover 💖


“When I think of Astrology Hub I think of community.”


—Christopher Renstrom, Astrology Hub’s 7 Year Special


Last week’s Birthday Panel Event is something that I will remember forever. 


Astrology Hub’s 7-year celebration event began with the thought, “Wouldn’t-it-be-so-cool-if… 


Every Astrologer that has made a consistent contribution to the podcast could ALL be together on a panel!


And THIS is what happened…


Astrology Hub


It was a fantasy turned reality to have this rockstar lineup together. But I was not prepared for how extraordinarily moving it would be.


To hear the Astrologers talk about what Astrology Hub means to them, and to share this moment with YOU, our community of stargazers and seekers…


Anne said, “It was my party and I could cry if I want to”… and cry I did! A lot…


I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude as I see how many people have made a home here at Astrology Hub.


As Christopher Renstrom so beautifully put it:


“What you’ve created here Amanda and Ana and Jamie and Joe and Amy and Courtney and Erika and Jessica, and all of you, is this place where everyone can come in whatever mood they’re in, at whatever time they’re living in, whatever place they are in their lives, and you have a place at this table.


You’ve created this place where we can all be together in our different myriad ways, just like the planets. 


I hope that you have found your place at this table. You are welcome and I am so grateful and happy you are here.


If you missed it, you can still catch this very special event here.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our community.


With love,



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