Prepare for Big Change

[Cosmic Insider] Prepare for Big Change



The month of August kicked off with a bang! 


The powerhouse combo of Mars and Uranus meeting on the North Node reached the point of exact conjunction on the 1st and now paves the way for a month of change.


On the Cosmic Connection, Astrologer Rick Levine says that you’ll be “exploded into new territory” whether you’re ready for it or not.


August is a time of new beginnings that can be both exciting and a bit jarring…


Rick reminds us that “we’re in a process of extremes” (emphasis on the word process!) so remember to engage from a place of compassion, kindness, and awareness for yourself and those around you. 


While this month offers big openings, it may also come with a good deal of instability, so it can be easy to feed into the fear cycle you may see on the news or experience in the people around you…


If part of the instability and fear that you’re feeling has to do with your finances, there’s an incredible tool on offer for you… Astrology!


This week I had the opportunity to talk to one of the world’s leading experts in Financial Astrology, Mitchell Scott Lewis, on a very special podcast episode.


It felt so important to bring you an astrologically informed perspective from someone with over 30 years experience as a market analyst, financial advisor and former New York Mercantile Exchange astrologer as you navigate the world of inflation, rising prices at the gas pump and cost of living increases.


It’s my hope that Mitch’s wealth of knowledge helps you release any fear you might have around money right now and use Astrology to help you feel more empowered in making decisions.


As we move through this month of ups and downs, remember Rick’s advice to “go with” the change and arm yourself with tools that give you a leg-up on life.


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P.S. Did you know that there is also an incredible Financial Astrology Webinar from Mitchell that takes you on a journey into the history of astrological cycles of the US economy and more? 


This exclusive webinar for his community got me hooked on his insights, so I reached out to him and asked if I could share it with our community… And he said yes! PLUS, he agreed to do a Live Q&A so you'll have a chance to get your questions answered directly! 


If you want to understand how these cycles of inflation, recession, gas prices, the housing market, and more track with Astrological cycles and what that means for you now, you don’t want to miss it!


No astrological or financial background is necessary to benefit from the wealth of information in this webinar! 


Click here to learn more and get instant access today!


P.P.S. This webinar is perfect for anyone in your life who is concerned about the financial situation, regardless of their experience with astrology. I shared it with my dad and many friends who are not “astrologically initiated” and they got so much out of it! Have them check it out at this direct link:



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