Let the Light In

[Cosmic Insider] Let the light in 💫



It's another active week in the skies! And “as above, so below…” so this means there's a lot happening in your weekly horoscope.  


Evolutionary Astrologer and upcoming Inner Circle teacher, Shannon Gill joined me on the Weekly Weather to guide you through the week which started off with the peak of the hotly debated Lion's Gate portal (is this really a “thing?), and continues with a Full Supermoon, and more!


Shannon says this week it's important to consider the “bigger picture” when making decisions about your own life. Some questions you can ask yourself as you're navigating the ups and downs of the week…


“Will this decision have a positive impact others in my life? Is it sustainable long term? How can I use my unique gifts and talents in service to the greater good?” 


Here are some additional tips from Shannon to work with the energy of the days ahead…


❤️‍🩹 Tuesday: Surrender & embrace what's rising within you. 

With Venus opposing Pluto, some deep shadow material may come up along with old fears of loss and abandonment. What do you need to let go of? Where do you need to surrender?


💡 Wednesday: Take responsibility & let the light in.

As the Moon joins Pluto there may be a tendency to project, blame, and be divisive. Instead of giving into this urge, it would be wise to take responsibility, look deeper, and get to the root of things. Don’t get stuck in the underworld, though… become aware and move on. 


🌕 Thursday: Reassess & align your personal will with your higher will.

The crescendo of the week occurs with the Full Supermoon in Aquarius. This amplified Moon brings you to a choice point designed to help you align with a path that is more in integrity with your community and yourself. 


🏖️ Friday: Let your hair down & reset.

You may have work on your mind, but the Moon enters Pisces and says: Let it go. There will be some electricity as it sextiles Uranus too, bringing in energy for spontaneous, playful celebration and a desire to be in connection with loved ones.


🪞 Saturday: Look back & start fresh.

The Sun in Leo will oppose Saturn offering a time of self-reflection on the things that came up with the Full Moon. Allow yourself to delve into the big questions: Am I on the right path? Am I in alignment with my higher purpose?


🗺️ Sunday: Choose your own adventure.

The Moon moves into Aries and makes a lovely trine to Venus inviting you to have fun and relax. Even if you still want to process things, there will be no heaviness or edge around it, so you can do so with ease.


I loved hearing Shannon’s beautiful, spiritually connected, yet very grounded perspective, so be sure to check out the full episode to get the full breadth of her wisdom.


May this week help you shine the unique light that is YOU… for the benefit of your community, and the world.


With love,



P.S. Shannon said that as Venus shifts signs with the Full Moon, it may bring up issues with your finances as the collective moves through this time of transformation in our monetary systems.


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