Everything is Building Toward This

[Cosmic Insider] Everything is Building Toward This



This week everything leads up to a major cosmic event… the conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus on August 1st.


If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or like you’re dealing with a LOT right now, you’re not alone. The energy is building and it’s intense!


On the Weekly Weather, Astrologer Rick Levine says that this conjunction is a moment of big shifts and he advises that you approach the week’s events like an Aikido master. 


When attacked, the Aikido master doesn’t block the energy coming at them. Instead, the master uses the force of the blow by absorbing and redirecting it.


By rolling with the punches, staying present, and being light on your feet you can not only avoid getting knocked out but could even make an important breakthrough in your life.


There’s no hiding from this intense energy and Rick says you shouldn’t try to ignore it. The greatest treasure of this time comes from being involved with the energy.


You can watch the Weekly Weather here to get his full rundown of planetary events each day of the week and his tips for working with them.


As the week unfolds, I hope you “engage the wave”.


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P.S. I loved this statement from a YouTube viewer under Rick’s weather this week, Athina said, “I love how astrology talks more truth than mainstream media, this way I have a better idea of what to prepare for and how best to do it.” BAM! That’s why we do what we do.


P.P.S. We know economic uncertainty is a huge reality for pretty much everyone. That’s why we’ve invited Mitchell Scott Lewis, a renowned Financial Astrologer, Financial Advisor and former New York Stock Exchange Trader, to speak about how we can use Astrology to navigate these uncertain financial waters.

Join us this Friday on our YouTube channel at 9 AM Pacific/ 12 PM Eastern!



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