How 5 Key Points in Your Astrology Chart Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose

Unlocking Your Personal Gifts To Make A Difference In 2020


The planetary alignments of 2020 have asked us to slow down… and, in some cases, come to a screeching halt!


Many of us have chosen to use this time to go deeper and ask ourselves big questions like… 


Why am I here? What can I do? What is my purpose?


Being deeply rooted in a sense of purpose, and understanding our most aligned contribution has become more important than ever. By bringing ourselves into alignment, we are effectively shifting the energy of everything around us.


But it can be daunting to approach this kind of personal inquiry. Maybe you want to “do the work” but you don’t know what that work even is!


The great news is that we have the keys to unlock these questions using astrology as our guide.


Astrology holds powerful insight that shows you exactly what you are meant to do in this life to grow and contribute, as well as how to best use the unique gifts you were given with a world that needs them.


We’ve asked some of the world’s most trusted astrologers to help guide you through your birth chart, so you can see and understand what planets and points reveal your greatest potential. 


You’ll also discover the symptoms you might experience when these parts of you are not being expressed. 


Here are the 5 planets and placements that will help you unlock your soul purpose.


KEY #1

Your Sun Sign 


Your Sun Sign sheds light on your essential expression. It is your core energy and reveals where you are meant to shine bright in the world. 


Astrologer and Business Consultant, Stormie Grace describes the Sun in your chart as your light, your heat, your vitality. It's the part of you that goes, Ta-da! Oh, look what I can do! And if you're not connected with that part of yourself, you're uncomfortable. Stormie says, “When the Sun isn't allowed to shine, the flowers don't bloom.”


When your Sun is not expressed you may feel:

  • Lack of self-confidence & physical vitality
  • Fear of visibility
  • Like you need to seek validation from others


“In my experience, when the Sun is not being acknowledged, we can see it in a lot of physical sickness,” says Stormie. “You've got this big brilliant shining energy coming in and burning out the things that don't belong there in your body.” When you aren’t expressing the energy of your Sun, you don't have that light to help clear out the things that don't belong.


KEY #2

Your Moon Sign


Your Moon illuminates your soul’s lineage and unique genius, showing you your deepest drives, and informing you at the most instinctual, unconscious levels.


Shamanic Astrologer Tami Brunk says that we all have an area of genius. It’s our lineage. It's what we know most deeply. “When you're tapped into your Moon, you are brilliant. You have this absolute brilliance.”


When your Moon is not expressed you may feel:

  • Emotionally disconnected or shut down
  • A general feeling of fear or of being unsafe
  • Reactive instead of responsive


“When you're not expressing your Moon, you may lose track of the deeper current of who you are at the deepest level of your soul.” Says Tami. And so, when you become disconnected to that, you may feel scattered, fragmented, and uncomfortable in the world.


KEY #3

Your Lunar Nodes


The Nodes of the Moon show you where your soul has been and what it is striving to become.


The South Node most powerfully speaks to what you are carrying with you and where you have been while the North Node points the way to our unique pathway to greater love and greater wisdom.


“When you honor your Nodes, it's like the material part of life falls into place.” Says Internationally Syndicated Astrologer and Author, Nadiya Shah. “It's because you're honoring the true purpose of your incarnation. You're honoring what you're really here to do.”


When your North Node isn’t expressed you may feel:

  • Stuck in old patterns & habitual cycles
  • Fear around change, the unknown & and moving forward 
  • A lack of feeling at peace within yourself


“Are you at peace with yourself? Asks Nadiya. “Because if you say, I haven't been feeling at peace, then let's look at the Nodes.” She says that when you tap into your North Node, you bring a sense of flow into your life, our energy levels-up, and we regain our equilibrium.


KEY #4

Your Saturn


Saturn reveals where you may be blocked and where you have opportunity for mastery. 


Depth Psychologist and Jungian Astrologer, Divine Harmony says your Saturn will show you the highest mountain you can climb and what it will take to get there. “Saturn is key for mastery and full incarnation. Saturn is your ally.”


When your Saturn isn’t expressed you may feel:

  • That you are giving away your authority
  • Like avoiding accountability or responsibility
  • That life is happening TO you rather than FOR you


Saturn is a teacher, and he teaches by contraction, limitation, and sometimes very difficult lessons. Harmony says, “He teaches you to grow up.”  When he's not being expressed in some area of your life, that is where you may be avoiding taking responsibility.


KEY #5

Your Midheaven


The Midheaven directs you toward your highest calling. It shows you what your work in the world is meant to be.


Shamanic Astrologer Donna Woodwell explains that the Midheaven is the highest point in the sky that any planet can reach. It's your most elevated, highest, and best self. It speaks to your calling and your potential expressed in the physical world. Donna says, “The planet in charge of the Midheaven is the one that helps you fulfill that potential.”


When the Midheaven isn’t expressed you may feel:

  • Lack of clarity about what will make you feel fulfilled
  • Vague depression or a feeling of meaninglessness and drifting aimlessly
  • The sense that you just don’t belong 


The Midheaven helps to answer the question, What is my work in the world? Donna says that if you get an overwhelming feeling of, I don't belong here, this is not what I'm supposed to be doing… that is often a sign of the Midheaven being triggered. She says, “When we live our Midheaven, we come alive. And it's a beautiful thing to watch.”


Now is the time to come alive. In 2020, it’s time to show up and shine. To discover where you are not expressing your full potential and to take small actions that bring you in alignment with your purpose.


As Harmony says, “When we are working with our own stuff, we are contributing to the collective shift.”



If you are feeling some of the above symptoms and want to know how to unlock your soul’s purpose using the tools of astrology, you can do it with the help of these amazing astrologers in our Your Soul Purpose online course.

Stormie, Tami, Nadiya, Harmony, and Donna will take you through each key and what it means for you personally in your chart, so you have the tools to understand and live your purpose, consciously on a daily basis.

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