Your Soul Purpose

Discover how your astrological chart reveals your unique Soul Purpose during this 7-week course. If you aren’t sure which direction in life you should go in, or you’re searching for meaning or purpose, this is the course for you. Your astrology chart provides a blueprint for your soul that has been written in the stars, and understanding your chart will give you peace, confidence, and foresight as you navigate your path. You’ll develop an intimate relationship with your own soul, connect with other soul-seekers around the world, and learn how to live your purpose consciously, every day.


INSTRUCTORS: Divine Harmony, Donna Woodwell, Nadiya Shah, Ron Baker, Stormie Grace, Stormie Grace, Tami Brunk

DURATION: 7 weeks


Seven Master Class Trainings with Leading Astrologers to Find Your Soul Purpose, Seven Recorded Hot Seat & Implementation Sessions with Top Astrologers and a Life Coach, Downloadable Slide Presentations, Transcripts and Supplemental Course Materials from your Astrology Teachers, BONUS: Soul Purpose Tarot Spread Mini-Training, BONUS: Exclusive Author Interviews


  • Session 1: Use Astrology to Find Your Soul Purpose Session: Introduction & Intention Setting, Taught by Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh
  • Session 2: Find Where Your Soul Wants to Shine: The Sun: Your Time to Shine, Taught by Astrologer Stormie Grace
  • Session 3: Innate Gifts, Addictions & Superpowers: The Moon: Your Soul’s Lineage, Taught by Astrologer Tami Brunk
  • Session 4: Past Lives & Who You Are Meant to Be: The Moon’s Nodes, Taught by Nadiya Shah
  • Session 5: Your Biggest Blocks, Karma & Mastery: Saturn: The Gatekeeper to Your Soul’s Purpose, Taught by Divine Harmony
  • Session 6: Uncover Your Highest Calling: Your Midheaven & Your Life Purpose, Taught by Astrologer Donna Woodwell
  • Session 7: Integration, Action Plan & Closing Ceremony: Integrating Your Soul Purpose into Your Life, Taught by Self-Mastery Coach Ron Baker