June 2020 Forecast

An Overview of the Month Ahead with Astrologer Rick Levine


The energies on planet Earth are intensifying in June. The dynamic forces at play in the skies are initiating new, unknown beginnings.


Not only does June have five planets retrograde for several weeks at a time, there are a few days where six planets retrograde together and we also have three eclipses coming… 


The question for most people is: How do I get prepared to handle this next wave of energies washing over the planet?


Read the below interview and discover what actions we can take right now to ride the waves, and attune ourselves with the cosmos in a practical way.



Amanda: Rick, I’ve heard that June is going to be quite the month. Can you tell us about it?


Rick: Amanda, we could talk about June for the rest of the year! The backdrop is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and all the events that have catalyzed this year. 


In June we’ll be having a mass sweep of planets in retrograde – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. And that would be plenty!


But we also have powerful eclipses coming up. We have a Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse and a Cancer New Moon eclipse, which is a Total Eclipse, but it's a particular type of Total Eclipse called an Annular Eclipse. 


The special thing about that eclipse is it's an Annular Eclipse that occurs within a few hours of the summer solstice here in the North, the winter solstice for those down under.


We have the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer, which is the summer solstice. Nine hours later we have a Total Eclipse of the Sun.


We astrologers use the Cardinal points just like a compass would use East, North, South, and West to get our bearings. The Cardinal points are the hinge points. They are the points at which all other experiences and directions are measured. 


The Cardinal signs have to do with initiation, going into something new. They initiate the four seasons. Aries initiates spring, and Cancer initiates summer in the North. We often look at the chart at the first moment of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 


We look at those charts to get a sense or a meaning for the season that's coming up.


And this one has an eclipse, so it's a crazy powerful month. It is interesting that there are no outer planet transits, meaning there are no transits of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune to one another, which are normally the heaviest weight. 


But we do have the Jupiter retrograde aligning with Pluto at the end of the month on June 29th, and we also have an eclipse on June 5th. At the end of the month, we have Mars, which has been in Pisces, giving us a sense of directionlessness. Mars in Pisces is like being all dressed up and ready to go, but doesn’t know where it's going!


It's like spending Friday afternoon and evening getting your clothes and makeup on, getting everything together for this amazing party. Then it's seven o'clock and you can't find the party invitation. You don't know where it is. You'd have no one to call it to find out where it is. 


We are stuck in this impatience with Mars in Aries chomping at the bit. It's like the gates are jammed, and no one can figure out how to open them.


Amanda: Welcome to June! So we have five planets retrograde at one point, then six planets retrograde just for a couple of days, right.?


Rick: Yes, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Then we have eclipses on top of that – three instead of the usual two.


Eclipses are an interesting phenomenon. I’m not an expert on them, but just like any astrologer who has observed them for a long time, I have my sense about them. Eclipses seem to work in a Uranian-like fashion. 


It’s like someone grabs the light switch that's been gradually getting brighter for two weeks. And that total brightness, it just flips off and flips back on. It’s like the shock that one gets from having someone mess with a high frequency, on and off, on and off, on and off.


There's something about our nervous systems that don't cope with the fact that the Moon, which has spent two weeks getting full at a Lunar Eclipse, all of a sudden gets dark over the course of a couple of hours, and then gets bright again. Or that the Sun, which is always bright, goes out. There's a suddenness of energy that releases energy. 


At this particular summer solstice, it's like a super New Moon, because it's a New Moon on steroids. 


So what's a New Moon? A New Moon is the beginning of a cycle. It's the initiation. It's a point unto itself, regardless of what sign it occurs in, because it's the initiation of a new emotional cycle. 


The general astrological consensus is that when you have an eclipse that activates a point, that point is actually activated for as much as six months prior, and as much as six months after the actual eclipse itself.


With a Solar Eclipse, there's a much more intense and greater action around it. The ancients would say the Solar Eclipse means the king must die. 


We can take that in a lot of different ways. Remember, there are two eclipses a year. So that doesn't mean that anyone who's in charge loses power twice a year. But there's a sense of a shifting of power. There's the old phrase, the king is dead, long live the king.


In a way, it's about a transition of power. We are in the largest transition of power that the modern world has seen. It's not about who's going to win the next presidential election in the States, the power shift is much greater. And quite frankly, anyone who says that they know how this is going to play out doesn't. 


People can think they know, but we're talking about every polarity you can come up with. This eclipse is simply another indicator of how powerful and profound this period is. And the king must die, long live the king. 


Now when you say the king, who is that? We don't know who's going to fall in this. Is the planet going to die of a planetary global climate crisis? Is another plague going to kill us all? I'm not being all doom and gloom, but the point here is that this eclipse is very, very powerful. 


This is a time of initiating a new cycle, and planting the seeds of intent, even though things may not go the way we expect them to. 


Eclipses are often surprising, and this one is quincunx to Saturn, which is retrograding back into Capricorn. Ptolemy said that when two planets were quincunx, they couldn't see one another. It's like a blind spot in a way, but it's there. We can't get rid of it, but we can't get it into focus. It's an irritation. 


If you ask astrologers, what's one keyword for a quincunx, most of them would say irritation, adjustment, or awkward. It's like not being able to get the radio station tuned right.


And this eclipse is in Cancer, so a lot of things come up around home, nurturing, mothering, family, self-protection, self-care, fear of other things coming into our space, fear of being seen, and the need to care for and protect those we love.


And it's quincunx to Saturn which is about rules and structure. This is the world in which you live. This is what happens if you do that. Saturn is the rules of the land, it's the statutes of the nation-state. Saturn is not the nurturing mom and dad, it's tough love.


So we have the nurturing kind of emotionally involved seed for what is possible bumping into the irritating fact that the structure and reality out there is not necessarily going to support or encourage this.


Amanda: We did a Cosmic Connection on all these retrogrades a few weeks back. So if you're wondering more about the retrograde element of what he's talking about for June, you can go back and check that one out.


Rick, would you agree or disagree that this June period is a fated time?


Rick: I mean fate and free will are opposite on a spectrum, and they're like particles and waves. You can't have both at the same time. At any given course, I would do what I could, and I would encourage my clients, friends and students to gravitate towards free will and do as much as you can to exercise it. Now having said that, the answer is yes.


Amanda: Okay. So it is fated, meaning things may happen that feel that way in our lives. But what you're saying is that it’s also an invitation to bring a more free will to our lives


Rick: In general. There's more going on than meets the eye and it's our job to find out what that is, and meet the eye with them, or have them meet our eye. And therefore it might seem like this is a fated period of time. 


But if that's true, then this is even more important now for us to exercise what I like to call the illusion of free will, whether we have it or not. Otherwise, why bother getting up in the morning? Why do anything? 


Karma is not something that just happened in the past to create the fate of the moment. Karma is what occurs with every breath I take, with everything I do, every word I say or don't say, everything has its own karmic implications. 


So at every given moment, I have choices to make, and if I make them, then I can increase my belief in the illusion of free will. 


Amanda: Okay. Last month I asked you to give a theme and you said “patience”. If you're going to give a theme for June, what would you say to sum it up?


Rick: I would say “be here now” for this month. It's difficult. It’s kind of a variation on patience, but it's different because patience is more like waiting for the right time, and this may be the right time, but it's not the right time to get to where we thought we were going. 


It's not the right time to execute our master plan. It's not the right time to fight the tides and to push out into our journey because we don't know which way the tides are going yet.


And so I think the most important thing that we can do for the month of June is to pay attention to the moment. 


Amanda: We're needing to be present to what is without expecting to have it figured out or sorted out or know exactly what to do, which actually does sound very challenging.


What about people feeling called to take some sort of action in any direction? Would you say this isn't the ideal time and that really they should still be creating their plan or creating?


Rick: It depends on what the action is. If it's a good action, there's never a bad time to take it. And that's also overstated. 


But I don't think this is about being inactive, I think it's about having the awareness that things could change, and to be open to look at those places where you have the most basic and fundamental foundational assumptions that you know are true, and to play the what if game. 


I don't think it's totally about inaction. I just think it's about not being attached to the outcome in the way that we sometimes are.


Amanda: And for the New Moon solstice, what do you think we're initiating? 


Rick: It's certainly setting up the tone for the planets to move direct, and we'll do that in a great sweep. They went retrograde this time because there's so many clustered together. It's Mars moving into areas and not getting anywhere. 


There's a sense that this is a time of reckoning, a time of awakening. I know people who are having this experience on both ends of many political issues. I'm not speaking here to the left or to the right, I'm speaking to everyone. 


There's the sense that this is a time of great awakening and we're going to finally get it, the proverbial, we are the ones we've been waiting for. This is the revealing and the apocalypse…


Well now is a fuzzy term because it will be now in six months and in three years. I think that part of this, the realization that the absolute clarity of everyone at once is not going to be the way we thought it was. 


The quincunx to me indicates that there's no quick fix with a trine. The energy just flows with a square. You can come up with an idea and say, this is how I can work with it, and you can create something. Squares can be very creative. 


A quincunx is elusive. And in a way because of this eclipse, we may be in that kind of energy right now. That doesn't mean we shouldn't grab for the golden ring. It doesn't mean that we should let this moment pass. It just means that there's probably more complexity to it that is yet to be revealed.


Amanda: So we have our theme, which is to be here now. We have lots of different shifting tides of energy. We have unexpected events, potentially things that we didn't anticipate coming through. We also have an opportunity to bring our illusion of free will to the table. And that brings me back to the word we talked about several weeks ago, which is desire, following that desire, whatever it is. Especially since Venus is turning direct.


Rick: Right, exactly. It's important to accept the disillusionment of what we don't accomplish and not let that drag us down, but instead, inspire us to do more. 


Amanda: Thank you, Rick! I look forward to connecting with you next week to continue this conversation.



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