Why WE Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

A Conversation with Astrologer & Starryteller Gemini Brett


If you’ve been wondering what’s really going on with the coronavirus, traveling deep down the conspiracy rabbit holes, or wondering if there’s a savior in our midst… 

You’ll love today’s interview with “Starryteller” Gemini Brett.


Amanda: I'll never forget this moment in the 2020 Forecast Event when you said that “We are the ones we've been waiting for.” 

Why did you say that? What did you mean?


Brett: A lot of it has to do with the Turning of the Ages doctrine. 

It's a quote from the elders. It's one that I've heard from elders of many traditions. 

One thing we can't deny is the old world… it's done. 

The heart wants to go back to that place where we've been living. It's where we're comfortable. It's what makes sense. The mind wants to go there too. 

And that can be scary, but I need to check my reaction because how many of us have been calling for a new world? 

And not the New World Order's new world, but a new world that actually makes sense.

And this is that time where we could cling onto a thing or fight a thing. And fighting the thing could keep us on a drowning boat instead of getting to shore.


Amanda: Worst-case scenarios are definitely playing out, but we all know there are infinite probabilities and possibilities.

And one of the things you all kept saying again at that 2020 Forecast Event is we are a part of the scriptwriting.

We are a part of the story writing. 

We are not at the mercy of something that is being placed upon us.

And I know like in times like this – that's the time where that feels the least true. 


Brett: Yeah. There's another thing building and you know… 

Even dark forces will be used to pave the way of light. 

But this requires us to release. 

And the question everyone wants the answer to is… when is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? 

We have this story from the New Testament where Christ is asked by his disciples, “Where should we prepare supper?” 

They're speaking about Passover supper, which is halfway through a Jewish year. 

Astrologers will say that we begin our year when the Sun ingresses Aries, and you usually hear that is because this is when light overcomes night – and this is the resurrection. 

Well tell that to the folks in Australia and for the Southern hemisphere people right now in this time of virus, like the warming air in the Northern hemisphere should help this thing. 

So let me take you into some global considerations.

The big event this year is the June solstice annular solar eclipse. Just moments after the sun ingresses Cancer, which means the sun is where the Northern axis of earth leans, and that's the North point.

It's in a very powerful place in space, which modern astronomers called the Winter Hexagon and it's formed under a series of great stars. This is called the Sacred Hoop. The Lakota say that this is where our souls come from. 

There are many other stories about this and I'm convinced that these myths of many lands are telling us that this is literally where the sun in our sky was born. 

They know stars are born in nebulas, they have no idea where our sun was born. I'm sure we're being told this. Another great proof of this is a child who was born of a virgin and a manger.

So let me get back to that Biblical story, which is the disciples asked where to prepare a Passover supper and they were told by Christ, “Go into the city, find the man bearing the pitcher of water, follow him into the house in which he dwells.” 

One of the apostles, or at least one of the Gospels, tells us that this will be in the room upstairs. 

That's the last supper - which they didn't know it would be - but of course, He did. 

And this is often talked about as The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

The Water-bearer, the house, that's what we used to call the signs. 

It'll go into the house of the water. So when will the East point move into the house of the Water-bearer?

That's the idea of The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

Everything gets better then right? Something happens. The savior comes, whatever.

But right now it's just entirely confusing and it's meant to be confusing right now. 

We are being reminded that we are the dreamers. 

I spoke about some of these Avatars of the ages very like Moses, Jesus, at least in that transmission will who will be the avatar of the dawning new age, the Age of Aquarius. 

So there’s A LOT of images that show George Washington sitting on the hand of the high man because that's what this Goddess America is, and you can see she's Orion. 

And we see many images of Christ's second coming on the rainbow on the sphere or the sword of one of the angels. 

The priest asked him, “Are you the Messiah, the son of the blessed one? Did you say this?” And he says, “I am.” 

And you will see the son of man sitting at the right hand of the mighty one and coming on the cloud of heaven. Now, anyone who's gotten far enough away from these bright city lights will know that the clouds of heaven or the Milky way in our sky – there are two places where the Milky way, the galactic equator crosses the ecliptic, the solar system. 

So the solar system, like our neighborhood in the Milky Way, our city, okay. They cross it the Galactic Center and they cross here in the middle of the Sacred Hoop and I believe Christ is talking to us about sitting on the clouds of heaven, the sun. 

At the right hand of the mighty one, Orion, the high man, in the sacred hoop where souls come from and where they will go to be purified.

I will say this is the time of that purification. 

So this is an image of the June solstice annular solar eclipse 2020 when the North point in our day and age is a line there. 

And that means for the Northern hemisphere like Jerusalem, this is the height of the light summer solstice, the glory of the King. 

And in this alignment of galactic alignment, it's kind of a window of 1975 to 2025, where there've been a few eclipses on this hand of the high man. 

This 2001 June solstice eclipse, which is an annular ring of fire, solar eclipse, or the one in 1982 which was a partial solar eclipse…

This one was most aligned to the exactitude of this galactic alignment earth spine pointing to these galactic crosses, which happened in 1999 and this was the solar eclipse that happened before the 911 event.

What I feel is that the avatar of this next stage, I think it's you and I.

I think this is a time where we are meant to realize where we are told by the avatar of the last age, at least in this tradition that you are just like me now.

I'll say I'm Christian because I find that is the son of our sky and the 12 apostles and the 12 signs that we watched the sun moved through. 

And I know that's blasphemous for some to hear, but because I'm a child of the sun, I say I'm Christian in that way. 

I could use many names to describe what I am receiving that light. But it's important like the plant that I am to also root into the earth. 

And that's the teachings of this Capricorn council. 


Amanda: What do we do about it? 


Brett: We can relax into this and choose to be the greatest versions of ourselves!

That is the energy that is necessary to fuel the dream and start thinking deeply about what this new world should look like.

I give you one little exercise to do on the way out here. 

Everybody knows I think about the vision board where you collage images of the new world. In this case, we can say first make a compost board. 

Assemble some images of the old world that you wish to release. And it's not about destroying compost because your lead is your gold.

Create a board of what the old world is - the parts of it that you wish to release, whether it's in your world personally and your family, your tribe, your culture, the whole thing. And you're going to burn it. And unlike like a vision board, you don't take pictures, you don't post this thing.

Grieve that as we release the old ways. If we grieve this powerfully, understand that it is a powerful thing.

So we take the old lead, we transmute it into  gold. That will be the fuel of this new sun.

One of the contemplations is: we're in this tidal wave, should I get swept away or just walk on water, right? What is this place? Am I actually above it?

Don't fall prey and think it's all light and not do your shadow work, but also don't spiritually bypass by getting addicted to shadow work. 

The earth is reflecting to us - it's not gonna take much for her to come back to her natural way.

Oh my gosh. Only a few weeks and things are changing that full story.

This is the time. 

And it's not the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but it is a time that happens once in 26,000 years. Where the height of the light is aligned to the center of the Sacred Hoop and the clouds of heaven and the right hand of the mighty one.


Amanda: So what does it mean?


Brett: I have no idea, but I can say that it is invoking and reminding us of our powers. 

And I think, again, to listen to the words of the one whose transmissions I use as a vehicle into this exploration today.

Jesus said, you're just like me and even better. So it's time for us to remember that's not blasphemy. That's a responsibility.



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