What Wonder Woman, the Warrior Goddess & YOU Have in Common

A Timely Message from Eris with Astrologer, Divine Harmony


A true Warrior Goddess, Eris is the goddess of chaos and discord who exposed what hid in the shadow by bringing an apple to a party she wasn’t invited to. She’s the disruptor, the warrior archetype, and this fearsome feminine energy is more relevant now than ever.

Many people are talking about this time as a great return of the Divine Feminine. And sometimes we can picture that as a cleaner earth, clearer skies, the dolphins returning to the canals in Italy… it feels sweet.

But there’s also an element to the divine feminine that includes righteous anger! Like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

If you’re feeling ANY of that, you’ll love what the astrology has to say through the Eris archetype and the message that her story tells.

The interesting part about all of this is that Astrology Hub interviewed Divine Harmony before any of the lockdowns started happening… but it couldn’t be more relevant to what we’re going through right now!


Amanda: Harmony, I want to talk about the Eris archetype and why the Eris archetype is particularly relevant and activated right now for this whole year. 

There’s going to be a lot of really important messages and it might help you tap into that mama bear energy, or if you want to think about it as the warrior goddess or Wonder Woman. But first, tell us about how you first got into astrology.


Harmony: I first got exposed to it when I was 18. I was raised born again Christian. So it wasn’t something that came into my sphere until I went away to college and read Cosmo or some magazine that I wasn’t allowed to read. 

There was a horoscope in it, and I looked up my sign and read the horoscope and it was so on point. It was incredibly accurate. The light bulbs went on and I knew “I need to study this.” I have a very scientific researcher’s mind. So if I see something works, I need to figure out why.

I got bit by the astrology bug and went down the rabbit hole. 

When you study astrology, so many light bulbs go on in your mind. It illuminates the higher mind and the insight and the wisdom that comes in from the stars. 

I started learning the archetypes. That was the piece for me that opened it up – when I started feeling the archetypal energies as opposed to thinking about them and trying to analyze them. 

I dropped into my body and embodied astrology. That’s when it clicked. I started doing things where I’d watch movies and I could see that person is playing the Pisces role, and this person is the Leo. I started seeing the archetypal energies in life, and how they play off of each other.


Amanda: Speaking of archetypes, let’s talk Eris. So you actually reached out to me and said, “Amanda, Eris is huge in 2020. I want to do a podcast episode.”  

Can you tell us a little bit about Eris, and why Eris is playing such an important role for all of us this year? 


Harmony: Eris is a goddess in mythology, but she’s also a dwarf body that was discovered in 2005.

Uranus was discovered in the 18th century and he rules revolution and industry, and that was during the industrial revolution and technological advances. 

Neptune was discovered in the 19th century, and Neptune is spirituality. It was the Dawn of occultism and spiritualism. Neptune is also drugs and there were pharmaceutical drugs during that time.

Then they found Pluto in the 20th century. This was the time of the splitting of the atom, the first nuclear bomb, delving into the unconscious and depth psychology with Jung and Freud. These are all Plutonian themes.

So now Eris comes in. She’s the body discovered in the 21st century. 

She represents something that’s ready to be born in the collective. She’s a feminine deity.  Eris, mythologically, is the goddess of discord and chaos. 

She sounds horrible, but she’s not all bad. She was not invited to a wedding party because they actually didn’t want to invite discord and chaos to the wedding party. She got upset that she wasn’t invited and showed up with a golden apple. And on the apple, it said, “To the fairest” and she tossed it in front of the goddesses and they proceeded to fight over who was the fairest.

Ultimately this led to the Trojan war because they had to pull in a mortal to determine who was the most beautiful goddess. And he ended up choosing Aphrodite because he wanted the most beautiful woman in the world, who happened to be the wife of a king.

So you see, she brings in disruption. She brings in chaos. Discord. But she also, interestingly, reveals shadow. Because the first thing when I heard that story is, “Why are goddesses fighting over who’s the most beautiful? Like, don’t you think when you’re divine, you’re past that?”

It showed this contention amongst the sisterhood if you will. Eris is also the uninvited guest and she’s very much connected to shadow and shadow work. She reveals what’s in the shadow. She revealed that there was competition between the goddesses. She revealed what wasn’t visible on the surface.

She is a disruptor, but she disrupts what is needing to be disrupted.

She’s actually quite positive in terms of shining a light on the shadow and bringing things into focus that nobody wanted to look at. She’s amazing at pulling back the curtain and seeing who’s running things, like in the Wizard of Oz.

Eris represents the warrior – the one who will go to battle, the one who will turn things upside down and explode things from the inside out in order to create change. She’s not just the passive, nurturing, loving feminine. She is fierce and she is a force to be reckoned with, like a volcano that explodes. 


Amanda: Why do you think this fierce feminine warrior energy is in the spotlight right now?


Harmony: I’m getting chills as you ask me that question because that’s what’s going to save the world. You’ve got a mother with her child and maybe her child keeps doing things that are not okay. Maybe taking toys from another kid and it’s like, “Honey, you can’t do that. That’s not good.” 

And then at a certain point, the kid’s progressing to whacking other children. And if the mother still just stays in, “Oh honey, that’s not nice” and just keeps letting the kid do it, this can go down a line that’s obviously not looking so great.

There’s a point where the feminine needs to come in and go, “No, this isn’t happening anymore. I’m not just going to nurture you and wait for you to grow up or to get wiser. I’m taking a stand now.”

This is the warrior archetype coming in and saying, “Enough is enough. You’re not destroying our planet. You’re not ripping children from their families. You’re not dumping crap into the ocean, in the water, in the food. You’re killing the earth.” 

How’s it different than the queen? Well, the queen is the one that’s a ruler. So there is a queen energy. There’s the maiden, the mother, the queen. There’s a bunch of archetypes of the feminine – the lover, the warrior, crone. 

Eris is like the one that comes in and smacks you on the wrist if you’re messing up…


Amanda: Tough love.


Harmony: The one who understands that destruction sometimes is necessary before creation, recreation, or rebirth can happen. And is fine doing it. You know, one of the best examples of it is Wonder Woman. Did you see that movie?


Amanda: Yes, I loved it.


Harmony:  I went to see the movie alone. I don’t even know why, because I don’t go see a lot of movies. But I knew, archetypally, I needed to see this movie and I went alone. 

I was shaking and crying and then afterwards, I went to my car and I just broke down sobbing because of the magnitude of this archetype being put out in a movie that was a blockbuster. It wasn’t some little side movie nobody’s heard about that teaches something profound, but like barely anybody sees it. It was a big movie.


Amanda: She was a warrior for love. It was all with this completely loving intention. And you can feel that and Gal Gadot played her perfectly.


Harmony:  I love her. I think she’s amazing.


Amanda: So, let’s talk about this year. What’s going on? 


Harmony: This year we have Pluto Eris square. The two furthest bodies that we’re aware of are in square aspect. 

The Lord of the underworld, the one who exposes what’s in the shadow. And then Eris the goddess of discord and chaos who also exposes what’s in the shadow. And they’re squaring. 

The first square was on January 26th and we have two more this year. June 14th and December 10th. 

This is really all about the apple of discord being thrown. 

This is about the veil being pulled back, the curtain, whatever you want to call it, revealing the shadow.

I see this as a call for more people to take a stand against the established authority when it’s out of integrity and bad for life on earth.

So it’s amazing for activism, for rebellion, for revolution, for pulling back the curtain and seeing what’s really going on.

But you know, those who don’t want to see the shadow, or own the shadow, or the countries and cultures and religions that don’t want the shadow to be seen… there could be a lot of pushback for sure. 

How does it affect our day to day life? What does it call up or forward in us? What can we focus on? 

We need to do our shadow work. One of the things that’s really important in shadow work is: It can sometimes be easy to feel the rage for the collective but then not deal with our own personal rage.

It can get murky. We think we’re doing something for the collective, but we’re really using it as a channel for our own undigested shadow. So it’s really important to have a good relationship with anger and rage and have practices where we’re working with that in healthy ways. 

When it’s stuffed, it comes out as depression and illness and apathy.

So it’s amazing, like stepping into the activist archetype and taking a stand for what you believe in. You know, not just sitting by the sidelines watching things happen, being depressed or angry about it, but then not doing anything. It’s waking up those warriors, the ones that are ready to take a stand for what is true. So those are some of the best uses of Eris energy, in my opinion.


Amanda: Love that. Everyone needs to go watch Wonder Woman to get a sense for this actual archetype. 

As you’re talking about some of the things that are happening in the world today, it’s a reminder to notice our own responses to these triggering events, and either allow or not allow ourselves to go into the chaos with it. 

We have a choice.


Harmony:  Yes, working with reactivity is a big one in shadow work, so that we are not in the moment reacting to something, but we’re dropping into our bodies feeling and feet on the ground. 

Our heart is open and we’re responding. 

And back to that myth, had she been invited to the wedding… Well, we need to invite in the shadow work. Otherwise, guess what? 

It shows up. It shows up anyhow and it comes with an apple that’s going to turn everything upside down.

So that’s the invitation right now.



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