Happy New Year

Cosmic Insider | Happy New Year!


This is the first time I can say this in YEARS and it makes me so happy…


As 2022 comes to a close, the astrology is supportive of rest, chill, and meaningful celebration.


The message is loud and clear… “Take it easy!”


And we here at Astrology Hub are listening to the cosmic invitation by taking a holiday break this week so we can rest and celebrate this special time with our loved ones.


BUT we couldn’t leave you hanging at the turn of the New Year! This episode of the Weekly Weather with Rick Levine has you covered.


Here are some tips from Rick to work with the energy of the days ahead (note that transits are in EST)


🫠 Monday: You might have a “good-time hangover”.

The moon in Aquarius reaches Saturn and you might have a post-holiday “hangover” (literal or metaphorical). So hit the snooze button and take it extra easy today if you can.


☁️ Tuesday: Let your dreams awaken you.

Venus moves closer to her sextile with Neptune and your dreams could awaken a desire in you to make them real.


🌄 Wednesday: What realities do your fantasies require?

The Sun makes a half square with Saturn bringing you the disillusionment required to make a dream real. Work within the space between fantasy and reality.


💫 Thursday: Voice your desires and wishes.

Mercury turns retrograde before it connects with Venus, making it a good time to voice your desires and needs. The Aries moon conjuncts Jupiter so make a wish list or state your intentions during this time to catch this growing energy.


😒 Friday: Watch out for grumpy moods.

The sun makes a quincunx to Mars and there may be some irritation or annoyance in the air.  Maybe you’re not ready for the year (or party) to end!


🎉 Saturday: Have a party (but make it deep and meaningful).

The moon moves into Taurus this New Year’s Eve (which it loves for a party day) and makes a sextile to Jupiter bringing optimism and buoyancy. Venus moves closer to her conjunction with Pluto adding a desire for deep and meaningful connection alongside the fun.


🎆 Sunday: Happy New Year!

The moon is still in Taurus and invites a good day to be lazy. Later when it catches up with Uranus you may want to do something fun, but do whatever feels good for you as you embark on this brand new year.


To get more insights from Rick on the week ahead, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


I can’t remember an end-of-year holiday forecast with this much celebratory party energy!


In fact, I remember back in 2020 when the message was “just hang in there” and now…  we are finally emerging into this new world. 


On to something new!


With love,



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