Venus Vibes 🌹


I’m very excited about the astrology this week, and here’s why…


Have you ever gone on a challenging hike or climb? And experienced the feeling of exhilaration when you finally reach the top of the mountain?


You’re sweaty and tired, but from the peak, the air feels different, your perspective is altered, and the feeling of accomplishment is palpable…


That’s what this week has the potential to to feel like!


I love how this week’s host of our Weekly Weather, Astrologer Jamie Magee, phrased it…


“You may have the sense that while whatever you’ve been going through has been challenging, you wouldn’t be where you are NOW, with your current vantage point, if you hadn’t gone through THAT!”


And with Venus moving into Leo (where it’ll be for the next few months) you’ll have more opportunity to ask yourself these types of questions:


How can I truly take care of myself?
When and with whom do I feel truly authentic? How can I cultivate more of that?
How can I give myself permission to experience more joy and be in my heart more?


Doesn’t that sound… kind of fun?


I certainly think so. 


There’s a lot more astrology to dive in on this week’s Weekly Weather featuring Elodie St-Onge-Aubut (plus Rick Merlin Levine’s popular Month Ahead Forecast and more) and I hope you do!


And in the meantime, I’m wishing you a radiant Venus in Leo transit, and all the generous blessings that come with it! 🌞


We had so much fun during our Reading Bonanza Month in April, we’ve decided to keep the party going on YouTube with the Instant Insights Show! 🎉


Every Wednesday at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, you’ll have the opportunity to get your birth chart questions answered LIVE by a new pair of Astrologer Connect astrologers!


Submit your questions ahead of time using this link and join us live on our YouTube channel! Don’t worry, episodes will also be posted afterwards if you can’t make it…


See you there!


Here’s your week-ahead horoscope for all signs:


🪞 Monday, June 5th: Image Conscious.

Venus enters Leo where it immediately opposes Pluto, and the Moon moves into Capricorn. Ask yourself, how do you want to be seen, and what are you willing to do to earn that reputation?


🚅 Tuesday, June 6th: Progress.

On its way through Capricorn, the Moon trines Uranus and then Mercury. This is productive energy that can help you leap forward on your to-do list!


🫂 Wednesday, June 7th: For me or for us?

The Moon enters Aquarius, creating a dynamic tension with Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo. How do your personal goals dovetail with shared collective goals, or are they at odds?


​​💡Thursday, June 8th: Clarity.

The Moon in Aquarius trines the Sun in Gemini, bringing potential breakthroughs of clear thought over emotion. This should help you not take things too personally and make adjustments where needed..


✨ Friday, June 9th: Extra Inspired.

The Moon enters Pisces, forming a sextile with Jupiter with Mercury sextiles Neptune. Things are flowing between your sources of inspiration and your Earthly life. This can be very productive, especially in creative work!


🌗 Saturday, June 10th: Last quarter Moon.

The Moon squares the Sun on its way back to self-renewal. Take a moment to check in on the integration of all the changes you’ve been working on. Is there an attachment standing in your way? Be flexible.


🕳️ Sunday, June 11th: Unfinished business.

Pluto returns to Capricorn, briefly trining Mercury as Mercury enters Gemini. New information about old issues may come out of the woodwork.


With love,



P.S. I’m so excited to return to the Weekly Weather next week with Harmonic Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin!


Jamie’s doing an amazing job as co-host, and I’m so grateful to her for stepping up to fill this role. 💖 But I’m not going anywhere! I’ll be back next week to talk about the astrology of June 12-19 with a truly unique astrologer.


You won’t want to miss it!


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