Celebrate Yourself

Dead Heat.


These two words, which Georgia Stathis shared last week, saved me from unnecessary turmoil and conflict… 


In the last Cosmic Insider, I summarized Georgia’s advice for Friday… that Mars would be in an exact square with the Nodes of the Moon, which could create tension.


She said to let go of the need to control… and to trust.


So when faced with an aggravated situation where I could have easily thrown gasoline on the fire (and probably would have if I wasn’t aware of the astrology of the day), I remembered Georgia’s words and decided to pause and take a breath.


The situation resolved itself without my interference…


And a new level of clarity and peace about the right path forward ensued. 


I share this because I want to highlight how helpful astrology can be… even in BITE SIZES.


You don’t have to catch everything, or get overwhelmed with the technical aspects of astrology… even the highest level of awareness can help you make better decisions. 


Awareness enables choice, and choice enables freedom! 


Ok… enough with my astrology love-fest, and on to the cosmic weather report for this week! 


After a tumultuous few weeks, you may be ready to slow down and get your bearings…


Fortunately, this week’s astrology brings plenty of opportunities to do just that!


That said, none of us are in quite the same place we were before that hard-hitting eclipse season. On this week’s Weekly Weather, Sheridan Semple invites you to ask yourself…


“Where do I wanna be headed? Am I going where I want to be going?”


You might find that your goals have changed, and that you’re expanding into a new vision of what’s possible or what feels good to you.


Although we’re firmly in Gemini season, Taurus energy is still very prominent this week, reminding you to align your long-term plans with the needs and desires of your body.


This is a week to slow down, trust your gut and connect with your internal compass. 


No matter what’s playing out in your world, that inner wisdom can guide you through it!


Mercury completing its retrograde cycle and the Full Moon in Sagittarius add additional dynamics to the week. Make sure you tune into the full episode of the Weekly Weather to learn all about that…


The key this week is to let your body’s wisdom be your guide!


Check out the “soundbites” for this week below…take note of the ones that pop out to you, and see if the guidance comes in handy as you surf the waves this week!

Here’s your week-ahead horoscope for all signs:


⚖️ Monday, May 29th: Activating relationships.

With the Moon in Libra making aspects to Mars and Pluto, today could bring a healing and transformative energy to relationships.


💖 Tuesday, May 30th: Day of feeling.

The Moon opposes Chiron and trines the Sun, helping you to harness the power of your deeper emotions in order to shine even brighter.


🛳️ Wednesday, May 31st: Full steam ahead!

Mercury catches up to where it first stationed retrograde in Taurus, marking a new beginning characterized by a strong connection between mind and body.


​​🌅 Thursday, June 1st: Expand.

Today’s conjunction between Jupiter and the North Node asks you to evaluate how you’re spending your energy, and whether your activities in the present are aligned with your future goals. Your body will know the answer.


🐚 Friday, June 2nd: The heart of spirit.

A yummy trine between Venus and Neptune supports creating safe space to nurture yourself and connect with spirit. Enjoy!


💡 Saturday, June 3rd: Full Moon Spotlight.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius shines a light on big opportunities that are on the horizon. Take some time to affirm yourself and your journey. Go on an adventure!


⚡ Sunday, June 4th: Out of the box.

Mercury conjoins Uranus and you could see a big change in perspective. Make sure, again, that you’re staying tuned into the body and trusting your gut.


With love,



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