This week is all about LOVE

Cosmic Insider | This week is all about LOVE


Valentine's Day may be over but this is the week that’s all about LOVE.


And the incredible Rachel Lang (one of the first astrologers I ever interviewed!) joined me on the Weekly Weather to explain why…


With Venus and Jupiter making their big annual alignment, she says the astrology highlights the big experience of being deeply interconnected with one another.


Because, as I’m sure you know, love isn’t just roses and chocolate… 


Love is the protective mama bear force, it can be heartbreak, speaking the truth in a safe space, being vulnerable… even grief is an expression of love.


And because all love and relationships relate back to YOU, it's also about opening yourself up and healing any barriers or resistance you have to being loved. As Rumi so beautifully said:


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Rachel says that ultimately, this week brings you an opportunity to deepen your access to love.


Here’s what you can expect day to day as you move through the week:


💡 Monday, February 27th: New insights, ideas & understanding.

The Moon in Gemini is gaining light and we’re starting to see things and gain new insights. This buildup of awareness colors the whole week.


✨ Tuesday, February 28th: Make your space more sacred.

Venus meets up with Vesta making this a great day to beautify your space and make it more sacred. It’s also a good time to be the change you want to see in your relationships. Remember that love is sacred and YOU are sacred.


❤️‍🔥 Wednesday, March 1st: Breakthroughs in love & connection.

The Moon moves into Cancer highlighting the depths of our emotions as Jupiter and Venus move into alignment. A great time for mediating challenging relationships and shining light on anything lurking in the shadows so you can come together and love in bigger ways.


🧘‍♀️ Thursday, March 2nd: Take space to integrate & take a breath.

You may be having a “big feels hangover” after yesterday’s astrology. Mercury and Saturn connect, helping you work through any resistance that comes up and focus on a path forward. Try to take some time off to do something nourishing to your soul.


🌞 Friday-Sunday, March 3rd-5th: PLAY this weekend.

The Moon moves into Leo and trines the planets in fire signs, making this weekend a good time for pleasure, connection, fun, and play. Enjoy the new energy after the swell of intensity!


To hear more from Rachel and hear more about how you can feel the love, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


Rachel is also one of our upcoming Inner Circle Astrologer Guides (and she’s teaching an exclusive class on your moon and MAGIC!). So if you want to learn more astrology from her, join the waitlist now!


She says that this week is about “love to the nth degree” and it’s important to lean into that. Don’t get caught up in the anticipatory energy of what’s to come.


Take the space this week to enjoy the deep connection, play, and most of all, LOVE.





P.S. We’re hosting an amazing event, Game-Changing Transits, which Rachel will be a panelist on…


This event is about those transits that change everything in your life and it’s our kickoff event for the Inner Circle which is opening up in March! Stay tuned…


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