COSMIC INSIDER: Are you going after your dreams?

Remember when Rick Levine said July would be “an incredibly potent period of time”?  He wasn't kidding, right?


It's such a smorgasbord of astrological energies this week that I decided to summarize our astrologer's guidance to give you a snapshot of what's supported energetically RIGHT NOW:


– We're in the wake of the powerful Cancer New Moon, which our Inner Circle Guide, Tom Jacobs, described as an opportunity for you to prioritize validating your needs, nourishing yourself, and establishing your emotional boundaries. He also posed a powerful question for you to consider, “What emotions or needs do you shame and judge yourself for even having?” Can you embrace those aspects of yourself instead of making them wrong? 


– With the Sun trine Neptune, Anne says the energy is especially creative and supportive of your dreams. She also says it's important to consider when you hold back from going after your dreams because you're afraid of getting hurt. Recognize this tendency and decide if it's worth it to feel the fear and go anyways! 


– Meanwhile, in his Horoscope Highlights, Christopher Renstrom says you're about to “step over a threshold” and that you may be moving toward something that feels inevitable… that the time is NOW. This is due to the Pluto Sun Opposition happening at the end of the week. He says this storyline will play out until late November at which point your old life will feel officially behind you, and you'll be stepping fully into your new reality. 


– While watching the latest episode of Frank Answers, I couldn’t help but feel like his advice was so helpful for all of us during this time. He said, “There’s a great need at the moment to instigate change, but Saturn says do it slowly, do it bit by bit. Make little changes every week that start to open you up to more freedom.”


What all of the guidance has in common is a focus on what YOU came here to create, noticing what comes up to block that progress, and honoring yourself by staying committed to building the life you came here to build, step by step.


So whether it’s penning the first sentence of that book you've been wanting to write, making that geographic move or finally prioritizing your physical health, the astrological winds are in your sails – use them! 


Below are even more sources of inspiration and astrological wisdom for you to choose from, including our latest workshop from Frank Clifford, Reframing the Zodiac Signs. 


This 2-hour, online empowering astrology workshop is designed to help you reframe misunderstandings about your zodiac signs and get the confidence you need to embrace who you are and go for your dreams! Click here to learn more and join us today.


And as always, choose only the offerings that nourish you on your own epic journey.



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