Rapid Fire Insights ⚡

Astrology Lover, it felt so good to return to the Weekly Weather this week!


I’m incredibly grateful to Jamie Magee for taking over in my absence, but WOW– what a joy it was to sit down with Clarissa Dolphin to discuss a thrilling week of astrology.


After two weeks away, this energizing conversation was exactly what I needed. 🤩


Clarissa’s description of the coming week’s energy made me think of the archetypal mad scientist.


Someone with an electric sparkle in their eye and a mind brimming with new ideas!


Other people might not understand them, but the mad scientist doesn’t care because they know that there’s no better path to follow than the one that arises from their own imagination…


According to Clarissa, this week might bring rapid-fire flashes of insight, and the energy and motivation to act on them!


And while this energy comes in fast, and can even feel overwhelming at times, it’s all focused on collective healing.


These new ideas, innovative solutions and big downloads can help build bridges between people who haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye.


And if there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s that.


Fortunately, the week begins and ends with slightly more relaxed, reflective days, so you can enjoy a bit of spaciousness around the intensity of the middle days.


I plan to use those days to clear my mind and my energy, setting the stage for all those new ideas to come in unobstructed.


And then, at the end of the week, I’ll make sure to set aside some time for rest & rejuvenation. 


That’s the true gift of astrology – the ability to plan ahead, knowing how to work with each day’s energy in order to make the most of the opportunities the universe is handing you!


So buckle up and get your thinking caps on! 🚀 This week promises to be quite a ride.


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Here’s your week-ahead horoscope for all signs:


💭 Monday, June 12th: Dream On.

Today’s poetic, idealistic energy is perfect for journaling, daydreaming and productive fantasizing. Let your imagination guide you to a whole new world! 


🐛 Tuesday, June 13th: Restless.

Today begins the flood of insight that continues throughout the week. Don’t be afraid to work hard to realize your vision, even (or especially) if it’s something you’ve never seen done before.


🧩 Wednesday, June 14th: Quick Fix.

Pieces are falling into place, providing solutions to longstanding problems. This particularly applies to relationships with individuals and groups. The way forward is becoming clear!


​​🔎Thursday, June 15th: Investigation.

You can improve things today by reaching outside the perspective you grew up with in order to collaborate and innovate with others. If you begin to feel anxious about getting everything done, remember that you’re already in a process of change that will unfold at its own pace. It’s not all on you.


🚂 Friday, June 16th: Off the Rails.

At this point, you’ve been immersed in the energy of innovation and restlessness for a few days straight. It’s okay to reel it in if you’re beginning to feel strained. Just don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.


🌎 Saturday, June 17th: A helping hand.

The New Moon in Gemini brings the potential for healing conversations and bridge-building. What begins in your immediate community can spread across the whole world!


🌼 Sunday, June 11th: Take a break.

Today is a good day to spend time in nature, soaking up the sun and letting yourself rest and reflect on the week that’s gone by. It’s been a very active week, so feeling a little burnt out is normal. Make sure you’re taking care of you!


With love,



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Happy Saturn Retrograde! Have a great week.


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