COSMIC INSIDER: This Week’s Astrology Theme is “Opening the Clenched Fist”

This week, I had the great joy of joining guest astrologer and master word-weaver, Christopher Renstrom on the Weekly Weather to get his take on the energies ahead.


You’ll want to check out the full episode to get the true depth of wisdom he shared, but here’s a quick glance at one very important point:


While there may not be any major shifts in your external world, there’s a LOT going on beneath the surface and you may find that you have a profound internal experience as Neptune moves into a sextile with Mars and Venus.


As Christopher explains, “This sextile is inviting you to put down the burden of a grudge, put down the refusal to see another point of view, to unclench the fist and open it up.


There is an invitation for atonement in this aspect, for you to soften your heart, open your mind, and ultimately, find peace. 


Are you going to take the opportunity?


With love,
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