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The Weekly Weather is back and more…


We have some very exciting NEW things happening here at Astrology Hub that I can’t wait to share with you… 


First, the Weekly Astrological Weather is back this week! It’s the same show format that you know and love, but in order to truly be an Astrology HUB, we’ll be featuring a number of astrologers with different voices who can offer you diverse perspectives on how to navigate the cosmic tides. 


In the coming month, you’ll get your weather from Thomas Miller, Stormie Grace, Scott Tejeran, Jenn Zhart, Divine Harmony… And this week, we’re kicking things off with Christopher Renstrom!


We love Anne and wish her all the best on her new endeavors and her new home (if you'd like to tune into the final show we did together talking about why we made the current changes you can listen to Episode 404 of the podcast and skip to the end!). And you can still catch her weekly podcast at


Secondly, I'm thrilled to announce a new show we are piloting, Star Sign Horoscopes Weekly with Astrology Hub’s own, Jamie Magee!


This show is perfect for astrology lovers who are curious about the astrological weather but like to hear it in “plain english” without a lot of technical speak!


Each week Jamie will go through each sun & rising sign and give you personalized guidance that’s easy to understand and integrate into your daily life.


You can sign up at to receive an email with a link to the most recent episode and timestamps for each zodiac sign, so you can easily jump to the signs that are most important to you (especially if you’re short on time).


You can check out this conversation I had with Jamie for more information about the show, why you should check out your sun AND rising sign, and what 2022 has in store for each zodiac sign.


And you can find out why you should pay attention to what nudges you this week, how your dreams may be revitalized, and the “beautiful new energy” coming in for each sign in the first episode for the week ahead!


We hope you are as excited about these new offerings as we are and that we continue to provide you with practical and heartfelt astrologically-based guidance as you navigate the tides of life. Enjoy!


With love, 


CEO & Founder


P.S. Thank you to all of our Inner Circle members and students in our courses and workshops… YOU make it possible for us to continue bringing great, free astrological content to the world!


This Week on the ASTROLOGY HUB Podcast & More!


SITE Square Video Thumbnail 6Finding, Meeting & Discovering

[WEEKLY WEATHER] with Christopher Renstrom

In our NEW Weekly Weather format, Christopher Renstrom joins us to let you know what’s in store for the week ahead! Discover the myth behind Mercury and how it highlights “finding, meeting, and discovery”.  Watch or listen here.


Horoscope Highlights with Astrologer Chris Renstrom Episode #420

Mars-Neptune Square

[HOROSCOPE HIGHLIGHTS] with Christopher Renstrom

This week, Christopher encourages us to “get Neptunian” as the planet travels through its home sign of Pisces, followed by a Mercury retrograde, and appears to threaten the willpower and beliefs of Mars in Sagittarius. Watch or listen here.


1Pilot: 2022 Themes by Zodiac Sign

[STAR SIGNS] with Jamie Magee

Learn about Jamie Magee's path through astrology in both business and fiction writing, the difference between horoscopes for your rising and sun sign, and what 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign. Watch or listen here.


SITE Square Video Thumbnail 4Envision Your Way Forward

[STAR SIGNS] with Jamie Magee

Find out how Venus and the Sun can help you revitalize your dreams through this week and what’s in store for your sun and rising sign for January 7th – 13th. Watch or listen here.


Capricorn Season Resources!


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If you’re looking to show more love to your Capricorn child (or if YOU are a Capricorn and want to dig deeper into your own needs and nurturing) then we have some tips for you!  Read the article here.



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