COSMIC INSIDER: 5 Tips for Magical Astrology Readings

“My intention, when I see a client, is to create or co-create sacred space where magic can happen.”

-Rick Levine, The Cosmic Connection Ep. 337



I’ve had a lot of conversations with Rick Levine but our Cosmic Connection last week has to have been one of the most incredible.


For all of you students of astrology (and even the pros) I’d consider it a can’t miss…


Rick gave us an inside look at how he approaches a client session with his 5 Tips For Approaching a Chart Reading.


He not only shares powerful food for thought but also provides grounded tools like scripts for talking to clients.


I highly recommend you watch the full episode, but for those of you that want the gist, here are Rick’s 5  juicy tips from his over 40 years of experience:


  1. Know your intention. What is your reason for reading the chart? What is your reason for practicing astrology? Get clear on that. 


  1. Prepare the client. This is your “pre-game locker room talk”. Let them know what to expect from a session with you and how you’d like them to participate and interact.


  1. Prepare yourself… but don’t over prepare. Spend time with the chart and look at significant placements and patterns but try not to get lost in the details.


  1. Know what is most important. You can’t cover everything in a single session so think about what has the most impact. Significant outer planet transits are a great place to start for this reason.


  1. Know that you don’t know. If you think you know everything, you can make potentially harmful assumptions. Don’t assume. Ask questions.


And, of course, he had to throw a bonus tip in there! Rick says his synthesis and tip number 6 is “Show up, listen, and don’t get lost in technique.”


This was such an excellent practical lesson, we’re creating a full PDF with even more details on how to prepare for a chart reading!


This will be included as a bonus for the upcoming Live Chart Reading Extravaganza! So you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to say to a client and how to co-create that magical and sacred space.


If this episode was a taste of what’s to come, we’re in for a really special treat…


I hope you’ll check it out, along with all the other incredible teachings from more master astrologers in our episodes from last week below.


Sending my best,


CEO & Founder



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