Don’t worry, we won’t let you get pummeled…


Can you feel the rumble this week? In Horoscope Highlights, Christopher Renstrom says there’s a “full-on stampede that’s taking place!”


For more on that, watch the show so Christopher can regale you with the tale of Ferdinand the Bull and how it relates to an important point in Uranus’ journey through Taurus.


And if you’re like me and you could listen to Christopher tell stories all day, you’ll be very excited to learn that we’ve got a new course with him brewing, based on his book, The Cosmic Calendar! 


This will be a 3-week online course where you will learn how you can turn your birth chart into a personal calendar to get in sync with your best life.


I cannot wait to take this journey with Christopher and let you know when enrollment opens so be sure to sign up for the Waitlist so you’ll be the first to know!


Cosmic Calendar Waitlist 1


And in the meantime, enjoy all of the astrological wisdom and guidance offered by Christopher and the rest of our amazing astrologers below. 💫


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[WEEKLY WEATHER] with Thomas Miller

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Uranus Stampedes Direct

[HOROSCOPE HIGHLIGHTS] with Christopher Renstrom

This week, Uranus makes its way out of retrograde and will stampede forward in Taurus, reinstating some of the Earth sign’s greatest values: stability and security, even in the midst of a revolution. Watch or listen here.


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Arm yourself with knowledge and learn the core fallacies present in modern astrological skepticism and the state of astrology in modern academic discourse. Watch or listen here.


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with Thomas Miller

Discover why 2022’s Summer transits are important (and how to navigate them), and why Thomas choose the theme “Go deep or Go home” for 2022. Watch or listen here.


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