COSMIC INSIDER: How to survive a “cosmic car crash”

Does it feel like you’re in the midst of a “cosmic car crash”?


I’d love to say that it’s smooth sailing ahead but the truth is… it’s an intense week.


This may be happening in your life or you may just be witnessing it in others (this always depends on where the energy is hitting your chart), but Anne called it a “huge transition time” of “extreme change” and while it may feel hard, heartbreaking, or too much to handle right now…


Remember that the breakdown comes before the breakthrough.


Now I know that doesn’t make the breakdown any easier to live through, so I’d like to offer you some tips and ideas that may help as you navigate your way towards that breakthrough.


1. Be kind to yourself and everyone else. Remember that everyone is going through the same transits you are. Kindness offers a space for connection and healing.


2. Make a list of things you can do. Can you find solutions in your own life? An antidote to this intensity is to come into it with a level of discipline and methodical planning.


3. Be discerning with your energy. When you do something, ask yourself: Did that give me more energy or less energy? Did that make me feel like there are more possibilities or less possibilities? What mindset did it put me in? How do I feel? Choose the things that make you feel more energized, not less.


4. Do things that make you feel uplifted. When faced with hard choices, being in a better energetic state makes it easier to see solutions and opportunity instead of only focusing on the problems. Listen to music that inspires you, meditate, walk in nature and put your bare feet on the ground… Tend to the rituals of your daily routines. It can be mundane things too (Anne made pickled jalapeno peppers)!


5. Take care of yourself first. In this week’s episode of Frank Answers, he said, “We really need to learn how to take care of ourselves before we dare to take care of other people.” Remember that you cannot save anyone from drowning if you too are being pulled down by the undertow.


I know you may be really going through it right now and I just want you to know you’re not alone. You’re incredible and you’ve got this. 💖


Below are our offerings for the week ahead. May the insights from these brilliant astrologers help guide you through the breakdown and burst toward the breakthrough.



Sending my best,


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