COSMIC INSIDER: Find the Courage to Face the Waves 🌊

The last time I attempted to surf with my daughters, I got PUMMELED…


Wave after wave after wave came crashing over me as I paddled as hard as I could, getting nowhere.


Then, my daughter Sophia looked at me and said, “Mama, you have to go TOWARDS IT as fast as you can!” 


And incredibly, by moving toward the wave, I was able to get beyond it.


This came to me as the perfect metaphor for our current astrological weather…


You can sit there and get pummeled or you can muster up the courage to face the wave, move towards it, and maybe even discover exhilaration on the other side of it.


Our current Inner Circle Guide, Divine Harmony asks you to consider: Where are you resisting change? Where are you blocking yourself from living the truth of your heart?


Maybe you have something in your own life that feels too scary, too powerful, too big for you to take on…


I’d encourage you to see what happens when you move toward it. You may find that it actually becomes an opening.


Below are our offerings for the week ahead. I hope that Anne’s hilarious insights, Christopher’s masterful storytelling, Frank’s empowering lesson, and our Leo-Loving Playlist help you find the courage to face your own wave.


Sending my best,


CEO & Founder



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