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Remember how I said that it seems like every astrologer I talk to is saying that we’re entering a whole new chapter…


Well, Award-Winning Astrologer Bear Ryver in his Weekly Weather debut was no exception! Here’s what he had to say about it…


“We’re on the precipice of a big shift where the dreams we’re nurturing and decide to pursue will lay the foundation for how we experience this next new awakening.”


He adds that this week gives you the opportunity to make the gap between your current reality and the dream you have for your future a little smaller.


And that if you’re feeling some disillusionment about where you are right now…


That’s an important signpost! It shows you how much you care about getting there and that there is some mastery or work to do in order to bridge that gap.


It’s a lot like getting yourself in shape before you can climb a mountain.


It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, it just means you need to understand what it will take to achieve the goals you have for yourself and start working towards it.


Here are some more tips from Bear to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🔥 Monday: Let your angst inspire action for change.

Today could have some friction and intensity. The whole week, Mercury and Venus are “out of bounds” which means the way you articulate ideas, make plans, and relate to others is “off script” (which can be fantastic or incredibly volatile). Meanwhile the Sun/Saturn sextile today illuminates your drives and impulses toward the future.


Tuesday: Let your vision sink in, digest, and marinate.

Today and Wednesday are more mellow. The moon moves into Virgo and a trine to the sun brings harmony to your impulses and awareness. And an aspect to Chiron adds clarity about the gifts and medicine you’re moving forward.


🎨 A creative day or cutting through illusion.

The sun squares Neptune and shines through fogginess or confusion. Look at your journals for clarity, engage in some creative artistic practice. Collage, create images, write, or watch things that speak to you visually. Let your visual, creative self go.


Thursday: A great day for Jupiter magic.

This is Bear’s favorite day for the rest of the year! It’s the last day the moon can see Jupiter in the sign of Pisces on Jupiter’s day. Toast to Jove, feast, study Jupiter in your chart or just give it attention. A good day for planetary magic if you do it.


🌟 Friday: Fortify the path you want to travel to make your wish come true.

Today marks the very last moon/Jupiter opposition so put your wish in your pocket and get ready to go! The moon is also opposite the tail of the big dipper making it a good opportunity to connect with dreaming and travel.


💬 Saturday: Innovating your communications & relationships.

Mercury trines Uranus so maybe something will click today. Communications with other people are highlighted and you may need to release something so something new can come in.


🪐 Sunday: Commit to the future You.

The moon moves into Scorpio and trines Saturn. What do you want to say and do next to integrate your dream? The challenging part of committing to action and potentially dealing with the consequences. Do an inventory of your values today.


To get more insights from Bear on the week ahead (and hear the absolutely beautiful poem he wrote for the week ahead), watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


As you move through the week, remember that the decisions that you make today are for the future you. Ask yourself…


Are my everyday actions aligned with the vision of my life I want to create?


This is another message that keeps showing up as a drumbeat for this moment, devotion to your future self.


You are the sum of all the choices that you make every day. 


So this week, may you have the courage to wake up from the dream and put it into action.


With love,



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